Aeromexico cargo allows you to transport any kind of living animal through their cargo service. You can transport cats, dogs, roosters, snakes, mice, bumblebees, and turtles. Are you planning to take your pet with you while traveling to any other country and want to know about all the rules and regulations? Read the full article and you will know everything regarding shipping your pet through the Aeromexico cargo service.

Pets that are allowed

Almost all sorts of living animals are accepted by Aeromexico animal cargo except for some exceptions.

Pets that are not allowed

The type of animals not  accepted :

Dead animalsSick animalsExpectant females or females with lactating offspring
Primates, ferrets, and flying squirrelsAnimals with pungent or off odorCats or dogs under the age of 12 weeks

Breed restrictions

Brachycephalic pets are those which experience breathing or temperature-related problems. Aeromexico does not transport brachycephalic pets.

Pets that are regarded as Brachycephalic :


Exotic ShorthairPersian


Affenpinschercavalier king charlesMaltese bichon
Boston-terrierArgentine DogoNewfoundland
Boxer (all races)English Toy SpanielPekingese
BullmastiffJapanese spanielSaint Bernard
Shih TzuTibetan spanielcavalier spaniel
American Staffordshire terrierBrussels GriffonBulldog (all races)
Cane CorsoChow-chowDogue de Bordeaux
Brussels griffonLhasa apsoMastiff / Mastiff (all races)
Canary DamPug (all races)    Shar-pei
dwarf English spanielYorkshire terrier


Aeromexico cargo charges vary depending on the size and weight of your pet. Contact your local Aeromexico agency to learn more about the charges.

Documents required

  • A CITES certificate relating to the legal origin of the pet is necessary.
  • Endangered animals can be transported with proper documentation.

Container requirements

  • The container should be made of strong material and the floor should be leakproof.
  • Path for air movement is a must.
  • Your pet should feel comfortable in its natural position inside the container.
  • The head of your pet should touch the ceiling of the container while standing.

Container restrictions

  • The mother and her spawn are not allowed to stay in the same container.
  • No punishment collars.
  • No anti-bark collars.
  • No electronic device should be inside the container.
  • The use of plastic doors is prohibited.
  • Easily unlockable container should be used in case of any emergency.
  • Container should not be foldable.
  • No sharp edges.
  • No cat litter.


  • Required documents should be available on the side of the container.
  • “Live Animals” labeling is a must.
  • A contact number should be available on the side of the container.
  • On opposite sides, it should have at least 2 direction labels.
  • “POISONOUS” label should be available in case your animal is poisonous.
  • In case your animals need any special food, you can keep the food attached outside of the container with instructions.

Feeding restrictions

A maximum of 200 grams of food can be given inside the container. Food should be placed on the side with dogs and cats.

Pet per container

AgeSpeciesAnimals per container
Under 3 months oldDogs and CatsNot allowed for transportation
3 – 6 months    Dogs and CatsUp to 3 animals, as long as they are from the same litter.
Over 6 monthsDogs and Cats2 animals, as long as they are of a similar size with total weight of 14kg and are used to living together  
VariedOther warm-blooded animalsVaried according to species, contact your travel representative for more information

Container for poultry

  • The container should be made of board or wood.
  • Handgrip for lifting.
  • Leakproof floor.
  • Path for air movement.
  • Only One cockerel per container.

Documents for poultry

Zoosanitary certificateCITES certificate issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources

Destination Restrictions

Transportation of live animals are restricted in the below-mentioned domestic destinations.

Puebla (PBC)Querétaro (QRO)
Saltillo (SLW)Tuxtla Gutiérrez (TGZ)

Check-in and Pick up

  • Checking in will be completed after the airbill is issued.
  • You can pick up your pet 2 hours after the landing.
  • Extra charges will be applied if the pet does not get picked up at the right time.
  • If the container is not of appropriate size, animals will not be allowed to check in.
  • Sedatives are not allowed.
  • Temperature guidelines must be fulfilled.

Temperature restrictions

MinimumMaximumAnimals that are allowed
7°C35°CDogs, cats, roosters, fish, snakes, mice, bumblebees, turtles
  • If the temperature on the day of the flight does not meet above parameters, animals will not be accepted on board.
  • To know temperature policies for other non-common species you have to consult with their representatives.
  • Denials to take back your animals are not acceptable.

How to transport my pet through Aeromexico cargo?’

  1. Contact your local Aeromexico Agency at least two weeks before the date you want to transport your pet with the required information and documents.
  2. Make sure you have the right container size and your pet is comfortable inside of it.
  3. Check in at least two or three hours before your flight departure.
  4. Complete the security screening.
  5. Complete the pick-up process accordingly.


  • Check with sincerity whether you have all the documents that are required and their validity.
  • Make sure the vaccination certificates have their validity.
  • If your flight is a long one, then check if your pet is doing well.


Does Aeromexico allow dogs in cargo?

Aeromexico Cargo allows you to transport almost all sorts of living animals including dogs, cats, and poultry.

Is Aeromexico pet-friendly?

Yes. You can take your pet with you in the cabin or as checked baggage through Aeromexico and Their cargo service transports all sorts of living animals.

How much do Aeromexico charge for pets?

They charge $135 – $140 USD for pets in the cabin, $210 USD for transporting pets as checked baggage. Their cargo charges vary depending on the size and weight of your pet.

Is Aeromexico’s pet policy strict?

Aeromexico has some rigid rules and regulations regarding the transportation of animals. But they are all for the safe and secure journey of your pet.

Aeromexico Cargo Contact Details

Pue, Mexico+52 222 268 4185
03100 Ciudad de México+52 55 7261 3117
Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico+5i2 51330300
22404 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico+52 664 682 9360
Customer Care+52 (55) 5133 4000

If you need any further assistance, please visit here

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