In a short time, Play Airlines has become a much-known airline to Iceland lovers. They even started running international flights within this short time. 

But the thing is, Play Airlines accept pets neither in the cabin nor in their cargo services. It means if you want to travel via Play Airlines with your pet, your wish is not yet to be fulfilled. But there is an exception for passengers with certain disabilities. 

If you have a Service Animal accompanying you, can travel with you. Read the full article to know everything regarding Play Airlines pet policy. 

Travel Options

  1. Carry-on Pets (Only service animals allowed)

Pets that are allowed

Normal pets are not allowed to travel on Play Airlines. Only service dogs can travel with a passenger. 

In the cabin

Service dogs will accompany their partners in the cabin and can stay there the whole flight. 

In cargo 

Pets are not accepted by Play Airlines in their cargo service. 

Play Airlines Pet Fee

There are no additional charges for service animals. The passengers’ normal charge will be applied here. 

Pets age

There are no specific age requirements for service dogs in Play Airlines. 

Container Requirements

There are no specific container requirements for service dogs in Play Airlines. Service animals can also stay without any container. 

Pets Reservation

No additional reservation process is required for service animals. You just have to check-in at least 90 minutes before your departure if you are carrying any service animal with you. 

Required Documents

Play Airlines do not require any additional documents for service dogs. You have to identify the necessary documents as per your destination country. Play Airlines will not verify those documents and they will not be subject to any liability if your access to the destined country is rejected. 

You should have authorization via the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, MAST, to enter or transit via Iceland. You can know more

Route Restrictions

If your destination country is Iceland, your service animals must stay quarantined for 2 weeks after landing. 

Aircraft Restrictions

Pet policies for all of Play Airlines aircraft are the same. 

Breed Restrictions

Dogs from any breed can travel through Play Airlines as service animals. 


You have to check-in at least 1.5 hours before the departure if you have any service animal with you. 

Service Animals

Only dogs can fly through Play Airlines as service animals. But your service dog has to be registered through one of the following organizations. 

Your service dog must be booked via Play Airlines service team on specialassistance@flyplay 2 days before your flight. 

How to Add a Pet To My Flight?

  • Make sure your service dog is registered via one of the above-mentioned organizations.
  • Make sure you have all the documents required by your destination country. 
  • Get authorization from MAST.
  • Inform Play Airlines about your service dog at least 48 hours before your flight. 
  • Check in 90 minutes before your flight. 
  • Fly with your pet. 


Does Play Airlines allow pets?

No, they don’t. Play Airlines allow only service dogs in their cabin. You can’t take your normal pet with you in the cabin or in cargo of Play Airlines. 

Is Play Airlines pet-friendly?

Play Airlines pet policy is only favorable for service dogs accompanying any person with disabilities. Normal pets are not allowed to get on board by Play Airlines. 

How much do Play Airlines charge for pets?

Play Airlines do not charge any additional fees for service dogs. A person with disabilities does not have to pay any fees to take his/her service dogs on board. 

Is Play Airlines’ pet policy strict?

No. Although they still do not allow normal pets to be on board. They are very flexible about service dogs. They do not charge any additional fees nor do they have any strict requirements for containers or pets age. 

Play Airlines Contact Details

Mailing AddressPLAY airlines   Suðurlandsbraut 14   Reykjavik 108   Iceland
Whatsapp+354 860-4500
E-mail [email protected]

Play Short Profile

Airlines NamePlay Airlines
FoundedJuly 2019,
Social Media PagesFacebook

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