Air Canada cargo service allows you to ship your pet not only a dog or cat but also other live animals including fish, coral, bees, etc., through Air Canada cargo service. Their specially trained staff will ensure your pet gets a safe and comfortable journey via their Air Canada pet cargo service.

If your pet needs to stay somewhere for the night, you can use Air Canada’s Toronto Kenneling Facility as well. There they can enjoy quality food, handled by trained staff and veterinary services when needed. They even offer separate rooms for cats and dogs.

Now, let’s look at things you must know before shipping your pet via Air Canada cargo service.

Shipping Requirements

  • Animals should be in good health.

Type of animals that are accepted :

PetsOther animalsAquatics and Insects
Cats and DogsWarm and cold-bloodedFish, Coral, Bees, etc.

Type of animals that are not accepted in cargo :

Non-human primatesThreatened species and related productsIllegal Wildlife Trade

Travel restrictions

Because of COVID-19, you must book your flight through a registered IPATA agent to ship your dog or cat via Air Canada cargo. The agent will provide you with every kind of information regarding documents, containers, tender, or retrieval of your pet. To get an agent, go to this site.

If you want to ship animals to the UK then getting an IPATA agent is a must for the following ports :

LondonLondon GatwickManchester

Container Requirements

  • To know about all the requirements you should read this PDF.
  • Strong dog breeds require special containers. See the Strong Dog Breeds section above.
  • Places for food and water should be attached inside the container.
  • Nothing except necessary labels should be attached outside of the container.
  • A comforter can be provided.

Dimensions: Best Airlines-Approved Kennels for Air Canada

The construction and design of the container must be according to the IATA Standards. The minimum height, width, and length should be according to –

LengthFrom the tip of the nose to the last of its tail and height from the ground to its elbow joint.
WidthTwice as much of the width of its shoulders.
HeightFrom the top of its head or ear tip to the floor.

Container Restrictions

Pets per container :

CategoryDynamicsPet per container
Puppies and kittensAging less than 180 daysUp to 2 pet/container, Each weigh less than 9 kg
Aging over 180 days1 pet/container
OthersDifferDiffers for different species


  • Write the animal’s name and specific feeding instructions on paper and attach it to the container.
  • “Live Animal” and “This Way Up label” must be attached.
  • The consignee’s name and full address should be attached to all the containers.
  • Attach appropriate feeding and necessary medication instructions clearly stated on the container.

AC Pet Shipping Charges

Fees within Canada :

Container SizeL x W x HWeight  Rate (CAD)
Extra Small53 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm0-14 kg$215.00
Best Small Kennel68 cm x 51 cm x 48 cm15-29 kg$260.00
Medium81 cm x 56 cm x 58 cm30-44 kg$320.00
Large91 cm x 61 cm x 66 cm45-64 kg$385.00
Best Extra Large Kennel102 cm x 69 cm x 76 cm65-99 kg$440.00
Giant122 cm x 81 cm x 89 cm100+ kg$625.00

Fees for transportation from/to US :

Container SizeL x W x HWeight  Rate (CAD)
Extra Small53 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm0-14 kg$245.00
Small68 cm x 51 cm x 48 cm15-29 kg$290.00
Medium81 cm x 56 cm x 58 cm30-44 kg$417.00
Large91 cm x 61 cm x 66 cm45-64 kg$518.00
Extra Large102 cm x 69 cm x 76 cm65-99 kg$633.00
Giant122 cm x 81 cm x 89 cm100+ kg$650.00

Fees – You Have to Know:

Rates vary depending on the type of animal being transported, its origin, and overall dimensional weight. To know the total fee for international transportation you have to consult with an AC Animals agent before the flight. 

Other charges

  • Terminal fees of $70 in the US and $80 in Canada will be applied.
  • Security screening fees of $0.15 per kg in the US and $0.17 per kg in Canada will be applied. Screening fees will apply to the total weight of the pet and its container.
  • If your pet is on a journey where the transit stop is longer than 6 hours, it will be counted as a comfort stop and additional charges will be applied.
  • If the pet has not been received from the destination port for 4 hours after the landing time, additional charges will be applied.

N.B: Pet shipping costs are changeable at any time, you need to check before confirming the reservation for the pet.

The Air Waybill

The Air Waybill must be properly filled. It must include the following information and they will be charged for an air waybill.

WeightNumber of animals
DimensionsNature of goods
Conditions of contractOther information required by customs

Destination Restrictions

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, pet transportation is not currently available for flights from and to the US.

Inside Canada, cargo service for pets is only available in the following cities :


Temperature Restrictions

  • Air Canada will not accept animals with warm blood in their cargo service if the temperature outside is above the following number in the takeoff port or the landing port or in between any point of the journey.
29.5°C or 85°F

Periodic Restrictions

Due to extreme cold and hot weather, the Air Canada pet policy has some periodic restrictions for some breeds traveling to certain cities/regions.

May 15 to September 30Miami, Orlando
July 1 to August 31Asia and Middle East   Greece and Italy
November 1 to March 31Hairless breeds are not accepted for any flights due to the cold season.   Animals with warm blood are not accepted in aircraft that can not be heated.
December 15 to January 12Cats and dogs can not be transported inside Canada and from/to the US via Air Canada.
December 20 to February 15Melbourne, Australia.

Breed Restrictions

Brachycephalic breeds can not travel in the baggage compartment as they may face breathing problems there.


British ShorthairBurmeseExotic Shorthair
HimalayanPersianScottish Fold


AffenpinscherJapanese Chin
Boston TerrierLhasa Apso
Brussels GriffonPug – all breeds including the Chinese Pug
Bulldog – all breeds including the American, English, French, and Dutch BulldogShar-Pei
Chihuahua (apple-headed)Shih Tzu
Chow ChowTeddy Bear (also known as Zuchon or Shichon)
English Toy SpanielTibetan Spaniel

Some dog breeds are considered strong breeds and the transportation of these breeds requires special containers.

Strong dog breeds:

Caucasian OvcharkaKarabashPit-bull – all breeds
Mastiff – all breedsRottweilerWolf Dog Hybrids

Container for strong dog breeds :

  • If your pet is a strong dog breed aged 3 to 6 months, normal containers will do.
  • Should be made of metal including the door.
  • Secured with a lock that is not easily openable.

Transportation of puppies, kittens, and breeding females:

  • Puppies and kittens younger than 12 weeks can not be transported via Air Canada cargo.
  • Health certificate from a certified veterinarian.
  • Mothers with puppies aged less than 8 months are not allowed.


  • Transportation of animals to the US requires a valid rabies certificate if the animal’s origin is a country with high-risk rabies identified by the CDC.
  • A valid veterinary certificate will be required in case the pet is pregnant.
  • Every dog and cat needs a separate health certificate certifying that the animal is in good shape and ready to travel.
  • If you are transporting any non-human primate then you have to fill out this form, print and bring it with you.
  • If you are transporting any threatened species then you have to fill out this form, print and bring it with you.
  • Other documents as per the requirements of the destination country must be provided at the time of tender.


The following information should be on your hand when you call or email Air Canada cargo to book a shipment :

Shipper’s InformationName, Address, and Telephone numbers. 
Recipient InformationName, Address, and Telephone numbers. 
About the animalName, Type of animal, breed, Age, Weight, length, and height 
OthersDeparture and destination points, necessary documents, and Container information.

Tender and Retrieval

ServiceTender Cut-Off TimeRetrieval Cut-Off Time
AC Animals3 Hours3-4 Hours
  • If you are picking up a pet which is traveling on a later flight than you, you have to make arrangements to pick up your pet at the cargo service obeying Canadian quarantine and isolation rules.
  • If animals are not picked up in time then they will be sent to kenneling service with additional cost.

Government Regulations

Government regulations for pet transportation vary from country to country. So it is a recommendation to always consult the embassy or consulate of the country in which you will be shipping your pet. Because, if you miss out on any regulations or documents chances are that animals will be sent back to their origin.

How to ship your pet through Air Canada cargo?

  1. Gather all the necessary information and documents stated above and contact Air Canada cargo.
  2. Make sure you have the right container size and your pet is comfortable inside of it.
  3. Make sure you have all the right documents as per the rules of your destination country.
  4. Do the labeling correctly.
  5. Make sure to check on the weather on the flight day.
  6. Bring your pet to Air Canada cargo facilities within the tender time.
  7. Complete the security screening.
  8. Pick up your pet within the retrieval time.


  • No sedatives.
  • Exercise your pet for travel.
  • Double-check if you have all the documents that are required and their validity.
  • Buy the container some days before the flight and help your pet get used to it.


Which animals do Air Canada cargo transport?

Air Canada cargo service allows you to not only ship your pet dog or cat but also other live animals including fish, coral, bees, etc. through Air Canada cargo service.

Is Air Canada cargo pet-friendly?

Yes, they have all the necessary rules and regulations in place to give your pet a safe and comfortable journey. Their properly trained staff makes sure that the animals being shipped are in good condition.

How much does Air Canada cargo charge for pets?

Air Canada cargo fees vary from $215 – $625 for flights inside Canada and $245 – $650 for flights from/to the US. International Rates vary depending on the type of animal being transported, its origin, and overall dimensional weight.

Is Air Canada pet cargo policy strict?

Although Air Canada cargo has some rigid rules regarding the transportation of pets, once you meet all the requirements, the journey becomes a safer and more secure one.

Contact Details

1-800-387-4865[email protected]
For the U.S.Telephone
Los  Angeles  310.646.3921
Miami  305.526.5433
Orlando 305.526.5433

AC Short Profile

Airlines NameAir Canada
CallsignAir Canada
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