FedEx domestic animal delivery is subject to a number of rules. Consult the transporter to learn about their policies and procedures and make plans ahead of time to lessen any discomfort experienced by the pet throughout transportation. Consider the pet’s requirements for nutrition and hydration as well as how long it will be in the package.

To make certain you can transport the pet you desire, get in touch with FedEx. Just pets that have been pre-arranged via FedEx’s live pet service department are allowed to be shipped. Find out the criteria, limitations, transit times, and costs associated with making the delivery.

Does FedEx accept pet shipments?

Popular courier service provider FedEx does not accept pet shipments. It is against their stated policies and regulations. Only under certain conditions, live animals can be shipped by FedEx. So, pet lovers need to read this part carefully.

Which animals are allowed for shipping on FedEx?

Horses and other LivestockZoo animals
 AmphibiansNon-venomous reptiles
Beneficial insectsTropical fish

Which animals are not allowed for shipping on FedEx?


What are the rules for shipping animals on FedEx?

  • Deliveries should be made from one firm to another.
  • FedEx Container Development and Design should evaluate and certify the merchant’s container in advance for the kind of pet being sent. It’s the merchant’s duty to properly arrange deliveries for all extreme heat and operating circumstances.
  • Livestock corpse deliveries are not accepted by FedEx Overnight as a component of its regularly planned operation. If appropriately wrapped, FedEx Delivery may allow some deliveries of wildlife skulls as well as other components for taxidermy.

Container guidelines

Buy the pet’s packaging. The sturdiness of the container must meet the requirements set down by each carrier, and air holes must be included in the container. For pets that need access to water while traveling, use waterproof packaging. To warn the transporter that the shipment needs to be handled carefully when transferring, clearly label the shipment and say that it contains a living creature inside.

Incorporate water, eating apparatuses, heating systems, as well as other necessities within the container. They should be held in a way that prevents movement during transportation. Whenever a bottle of water is needed, it must be spill-proof, and special care should be made to catch any drops which may occur when the pet sips. By doing this, spillage, packaging leaks, and irritation for the pet while in transportation will be prevented.


The specific amount has not been disclosed by FedEx anywhere online as they charge different amounts depending on the animal being shipped. If you want to deliver your pet through FedEx, contact them to learn about the specific charges.


Can FedEx ship a dog?

FedEx Delivery doesn’t at all carry domestic pets including puppies, kittens, songbirds, or rodents as components of its prescheduled operation and doesn’t accept deliveries of wildlife.

How do you FedEx a pet?

Pets can not be transported by FedEx as it is against its regulatory guidelines.

Does FedEx ship other live animals?

FedEx does not normally accept live animals for shipment. But they may take it into consideration if shippers agree to their rules and regulations.

Who can ship a pet through FedEx?

Only businesses can ship live animals through FedEx. Individuals are not allowed to book live animal shipping.

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