It’s harder than people might think to move along a pet. If you own several pets, it becomes even more challenging. Check out our comprehensive list of the finest picks for your best pet shipping services.

To ensure your cat, dog, or other companion arrives at its next home with you, you have a few choices. You may either transport it personally or have a seasoned pet transporter do it with you. For a faster move, you can also hire a pet shipping service to airlift the cuddly family member to you.

When looking to relocate your pet, it’s crucial to take into account which approach would work most for your pet because each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Our experts have done extensive studies on the top pet shipping businesses available to you to assist you navigate the numerous expert pet transportation and relocation businesses on the market.

When Do Pet-parents Need A Pet Shipping Company

Some individuals believe they can relocate the animal on their own. Since your companion is a part of your household, only you can deliver them the affection and care they deserve. However, there is occasionally so much happening during a relocation that it is preferable to work with a business whose only concern is moving your companion. Here are 3 situations in which hiring a pet relocation service is more beneficial than attempting to transfer your pet yourself.

The trip is a distant one

Let’s admit it: moving across the country puts a great deal on the mind.  You might overlook taking breaks or giving your companion his medicine. A car packed with belongings makes it simple to lose a stuffed toy, and if the agent or relocation service phones with information, your pet might start picking up on the tension, rendering him even more agitated than he currently is.

The likelihood is that your companion will move more calmly and at ease using a pet transportation company than if you drove for several days. He receives rest periods & snacks, so you don’t have to bother about that. Additionally, you won’t need to look for a pet-friendly hotel every night.

You’re in flight

Pet parents face various difficulties when flying. Because extended pauses between connections and jumping off and on of airplanes can be unpleasant, you should take stopovers into account when booking your trips. You might find it challenging to make plans that suit both you and your companions to complete your journey simultaneously even if a plane was postponed or rescheduled.

Everything is taken care of by a pet shipment service. They will plan the trip taking stopovers into account. The company will locate an alternate route in the event of a canceled flight, and in the event of a postponement, they can monitor the situation to make sure the pet is secure and comfy up until departure.

You’re relocating abroad

Relocating to a foreign nation is the only situation in which it makes sense to utilize a pet transportation company. You will need to ensure your pet possesses all the required vaccines, documents, and a certification of fitness in addition to dealing with the plans. You must schedule your journey such that it lands when there is free space in the isolation center for the companion. This is a must if you’re traveling to a nation such as New Zealand which mandates quarantine for pets. Additionally, you must deal with immigration.

Relocation professionals are usually provided by pet transportation firms, and they will work closely with you to assist you at each stage of the procedure. They’ll inform you about the immunizations your pet needs and the locations where they may be obtained in your future country of residence. They could even accompany your pet throughout immigration. They’ll organize trips with free rooms in the isolation center.

Kinds of Options That Pet Shipping Companies Offer

Both land and airborne travel are available through pet relocation companies. Companies that provide air travel will assist the pet owner in organizing arrangements with carriers, guaranteeing the companion has the necessary travel documents, bringing the animal to the terminal, and keeping an eye on the companion during the flight. Although some businesses charge a greater price to appoint an expert pet caregiver to travel with the animal inside the aircraft cabins, other firms would even rent a personal jet for individuals who are able to fund it to transport a pet between location A to location B.

Pets are often transported by land travel providers in a vehicle with other animals. A pet would be transported in a vehicle by oneself alongside 1 or 2 animal caretakers by the finest pet land transport services. Some businesses also provide pet transportation in the pet owner’s automobile, making these a great choice for people who need to move their car as well as pets together.

Tips To Choosing a Pet Transportation Company

Moving pets is an unusual experience. Every pet transportation business contributes something unique to the relocation and your pets. This is crucial to spend the trouble to confirm that your cherished animal is in capable hands. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the main crucial things to take into account when choosing a pet shipping provider.

Species Restrictions & Category of Pet Shipped

The initial step in selecting a pet shipping service is looking into its limitations because the types and breeds of animals they will transport vary. While the majority of organizations will move dogs and cats, not most businesses will move other kinds of animals. Regarding dogs, some animal relocation agencies refuse to move particular species. These limitations are frequently set by airline regulations rather than the business itself. For instance, the majority of carriers won’t fly any dog species with flat faces because they fear the animal might have respiratory issues. In light of this, clients must first ascertain whether a service would carry their particular breed of pet.

Take Your Pet’s Requirements Into Account

Your pet’s security and happiness should always be your top priority. You can limit your search for pet transporters by providing the answers to these questions.

  • Will your pet need a personal vehicle or should it ride in a place with different animals?
  • Would your pet’s medical records need to be updated?
  • How often might it require rest periods?
  • Is it more appropriate for air travel or ground travel?

Ensure USDA certification

The regulatory board for pet transportation businesses is the United States Division of Agriculture. A majority of businesses ought to make mention of their USDA support and endorsement anywhere on their web pages. If not, this could be a warning sign for the business.

Connect With An Agent

Speaking with a pet transportation service personally is a fantastic approach to assessing it. Consider how much time it may take them to reach you and whether or not their attitude appears trustworthy. Take notice of whether or not the business is receiving an accurate sense of how it must approach your animal throughout the quote procedure.

Read Client Testimonials

Read customer evaluations about the firm on well-known review websites like Yelp to get a reasonable idea of exactly what it’s like to work with a certain pet transporter. Observe how prior clients rate the business’s customer care department and whether it keeps the commitments established during the quotation and discussion processes.

Updates On Pet Transportation

Several pet transportation companies will notify a client on the companion’s whereabouts and condition throughout the moving operation in addition to providing data about where the animal is and whether the creature is coping nicely with the voyage or not. Depending on the provider, several types of travel information are sent to pet parents. Some companies enable the pet’s parent to track the dog or cat in real-time through GPS or speak with the pet’s caretaker who has been allocated to the pet to provide notifications.

Lodging And Cleaning

Several pet shipping companies offer choices for lodging and cleaning as part of their package. After the trip, a company could be capable of cleaning the animal before giving it to its parent.  Some providers have accommodations that enable them to lodge animals during stopovers or in the event of disruptions, preventing the need for animals to remain in a lot of time inside crates.

Shipping From And To The Doorstep

Whenever it comes to accepting a client’s pet, animal shipping businesses offer various degrees of assistance. Some companies provide door-to-door transportation, where they will collect the animal from the parent’s apartment and take it to its ultimate location, whether that be a resort or another residence. Other options necessitate dropping the companion off and picking it up at the terminal. Door-to-door transportation companies are typically more costly compared to those that only handle terminal drop-offs and collections.

Pet Care Assistance

Pet caregiver services are another option for pet parents who prefer not to have their animals inside the cargo compartment of an airplane. The consumer might hire a member of the company to fly inside the passenger compartment with their companion. Just dogs or cats that weigh less than twenty pounds (with the mass of their container) are permitted inside the cabin according to airline regulations. Naturally, this specialized service is far more expensive than a typical animal shipping service.

Best Pet Shipping Companies

Starwood Animal Transport

This UK-based animal transportation business is committed to making sure that both you and your furry companion have a tension-free experience throughout the entire procedure and that the companion is transported abroad securely and luxuriously.

In addition, Starwood Animal Transport has permission to transport the pet to your doorstep because of its membership in the IPATA. No effort on your part is required!

But because we’re speaking about the furry companion, you won’t choose a pet transporter without consulting some reliable client evaluations, yeah? Well, Starwood won’t disappoint you too in this regard. In addition to being endorsed by 95% of customers, Starwood Animal Transport was selected as the AU Emigration Award winner for Pet Relocation Service of the Year.

So you can relax knowing your companion is in good hands while you make your major international move. Just complete this form with accurate data, and they’ll return to you with a complimentary consultation so you can calculate precisely how much it will cost you to utilize Starwood services.

Pets Oasis

This client-centered business provides a “one-stop location” for pet transfers into or out of the UAE. Pets Oasis, which is run by a veterinarian, takes care of every phase of the transportation, such as creating custom IATA-approved travel containers, booking flights, providing doorstep pickup and delivery, clearing paperwork, onboarding pets, and performing in-house veterinarian examinations. They can handle the transportation from and to other terminals in the UAE, although Dubai is their main terminal.

Happy Tails Travel Inc.

These pet transportation experts, who are headquartered in Arizona, guarantee a reputation for 100% reliability. Happy Tails Travel Inc. has been in business for 22 years and ships to the majority of the nations. From clearing customs to transportation across your house and the terminal, they take care of every step of your precious pet’s voyage.

Because they are from Arizona’s deserts, they possess a lot of expertise in moving pets in the hot temperatures, which is comforting if you are traveling during the summertime. Plans for moving abroad commence at 850 USD.

Happy Tails provides a very useful price chart for several locations. Retired and active duty personnel receive preferential rates over regular clients, making your companion’s relocation several hundred bucks more inexpensive. Under normal situations, Happy Tails manages all aspects of pet transportation, including correct immunizations and medication management, and files out all foreign customs documents for the pet. This makes the experience anxiety-free for both you & your furry friend. For animal parents with more than one animal, Happy Tails provides reductions for any additional animal you’d want to ship.


Airpets provide easy and opulent pet traveling options. Your animals will experience a brief stopover in their brand-new in-house accommodations before their trip if you choose a complete doorstep service. Consider hydrotherapy, grooming, and safe exercise facilities. They will travel in cozy sky cages that have been authorized by IATA.

Your private pet travel specialist will be assigned to supervise the entire trip. Transportation across the United Kingdom and the United States, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia happens practically every day, even though they serve a vast worldwide network.

Additionally, Airpets provides pet caregiver services, which means that a knowledgeable and caring staff professional will travel with your companion within the same cabin alongside the other travelers. Your pet will be able to fly in weather-controlled settings and have accessibility to the exact atmosphere that all the other travelers on the aircraft breathe thanks to Airpets International. With its own container, your companion will feel safe and comfortable, making travel more pleasant. The mood of your pet whilst traveling can be significantly improved by this extra service.


Whether you want to transport your racehorse or your orphaned kitten, uShip’s portal can assist you in finding the best alternative for the pet. By letting you choose your price and get in touch with local movers, uShip serves as a bridge between households and relocation companies. Just specify your requirements on uShip, including those of your pet, choose a budget you’re willing to spend, and invite relocating businesses to bid on the job. Uncertain of what to charge? Additionally, you can ask the professionals to submit their respective estimates for the service.

You may compare prices and contact specialists while getting quotations from local moving services fully on the uShip website. Before making a reservation, you may research carriers on their uShip account by reading testimonies and comments from prior clients. uShip enables it simple to locate reasonably priced, dependable pet transportation, wherever you’re going.

Visitors have total control regarding the price they spend, which is among the factors we choose uShip. You can immediately start evaluating rival moving firms if you are unable to agree on a pricing that works for both parties. Even if uShip might offer you suggested moving costs, it’s crucial to know your spending limit when making your advertising.

Air Animal Pet Movers

Because doctors created the Air Animal Pet Moving company, they offer among the most extensive health exams for your cherished pet before the transfer. To confirm an international medical certificate for the companion, they examine its microchip. For national pet transportation, they provide land travel. Additionally, they provide personalized experience for traveling abroad and passing through U.S. Immigration.

Since 1977, Air Animal Pet Moving Company has been working in the pet transportation industry. Being one of the biggest recognized firms in this field, they place a high priority on the security and health of the pet. They welcome a range of small animals in addition to dogs and cats. therefore the solutions are not just available for these two animal species. Air Animal Pet Movers may be an option that eases your worries if the companion has already sustained an injury and you are concerned about how smoothly they will fly.

Royal Paws

For more than twenty years, Royal Paws has provided animal lovers who vacation in the United States with services. They don’t offer international relocation, however, they do ship pets throughout the country. Their goal is to accomplish everything possible, to show respect and love for the dogs that we each have in our hearts. Royal Paws does carry various animals even though their most common inquiries are for cats and dogs. To fulfill your travel wishes, they will try their best. Royal Paws has previously moved birds, tortoises, as well as a miniature cow to new residences.

Each cat couple is given a brand-new, clean cat litter by Royal Paws. With two workers on each delivery team, your companion can be walked every 4 hours or preferably more often upon demand. Your pet won’t travel with anybody else because Royal Paws only provides personal, single-family animal transportation. For the pet relocation of each household, each relocation is customized.

Animal Travel Services

The South African business has a wealth of expertise and is the city of Cape Town’s oldest pet delivery company. The company Animal Travel Services takes pleasure in providing a high-end service for business customers, including everything from first-rate residential accommodations to pet limousine services.

Additionally, they offer your animals preflight treatment and cleaning. They will also assist you in navigating South Africa’s stringent export and import laws, which were put in effect to stop the illicit sale of the nation’s beloved threatened animals.

Blue Collar Pet Transport

As a top pet carrier, BCPT is committed to making your companion’s relocation as secure, pleasant, and anxiety-free as is humanely feasible. You can frequently book last-minute journeys with BCPT pet shipping firm. Their animal transportation services come with fraud prevention against pet purchases, licensing, and much more.

For cats and dogs averaging just under 200 lbs, this animal transportation business provides doorstep service across North America. Additionally, BCPT can carry your little dogs (below 20 lbs) anyplace in the Canada or United States. Not to add that your pet will travel inside the passenger compartment of the aircraft with a dependable flight attendant rather than inside the cargo compartment.

Costs Of Pet Transportation Via Land Services

The price of land pet relocation services varies depending on the distance traveled and the animal carriers you select. Your companion’s transportation may cost as low as 100 USD to a nearby area and as high as 1600 to 3000 USD for ten-hour travel. For an international trip, costs may even rise to between 4100 USD and 6500 USD.

The approximate expense of a shared trip inside the United States is 0.50 USD per mile, plus a processing fee of around 400 USD. It costs roughly 0.90 USD per mile in Ontario in addition to a processing fee of nearly 800 USD.

Costs Of Pet Transportation Via Air Services

There are several factors in every movement. The price of pet shipping solutions for air travel differs according to the dimensions of the animal, the carrier, and the length of the trip. It takes about 250 and 350 USD to fly one little cat in freight with an animal-friendly carrier. Bigger dogs may cost between 1100 and 3500 USD to fly domestically and up to 2500 or 3500 USD to travel internationally.


Whenever you are relocating around the nation or halfway around the globe, pet transportation companies can be really helpful. From army price reductions to the capacity to transport even very large exotic pets overseas, different agencies have divergent features to offer.

The majority of the time, you may choose a solution from a list that includes doorstep delivery, local ground transportation, as well as both foreign and national aviation transportation. Some businesses additionally offer extra facilities like lodging, cleaning, and container conditioning, and many may give the veterinarian treatments and paperwork necessary for cross-border migrations. Customer feedback, cost, and service options should all be taken into account when selecting a pet shipping company.

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