Hawaiian Airlines values the security and ease of your animals as members of your family. We can gladly accept your dog or cat in our aircraft’s ventilated, well-equipped baggage compartment. According to Hawaiian Airlines pet travel policy, on all global itineraries, pets are not permitted as a checked bag.

To safeguard your animal’s health & wellbeing, online, terminal, and smartphone check-in will be limited to enable Hawaiian Airlines employees to examine your pet, its bag, and any relevant documentation. To assist in speed the check-in procedure, we request that you arrive one hour before regular check-in and bring all necessary documentation with you.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Policy and Reservation 

We ask that you notify our Appointments Service 48 hours ahead of time of your intention to fly with your pet by calling 1-800-367-5320.

Generally allowed on inter-island flights and flights between Hawaii and North America.

You can reserve your pet in the passenger compartment at the same time as you make your flight bookings if it is in an authorized cage that will easily fit beneath the row across from you.

However, it is better to as Hawaiian Airlines Reservations about relevant fees and space availability.

  • Only cats and dogs are allowed.
  • HA shipping pets.

Hawaiian Airlines Pets in Cabin

Medium-sized dogs and cats are permitted to ride in the passenger compartment on Hawaiian Airlines’ inter-island flights and flights departing the state of Hawaii, as long as the overall weight of the animal and carriers does not exceed 25 pounds (11 kg). Each traveler is only allowed to go with one carrier. 

Only one animal per carrier is allowed, except two pups or kittens from the same litter or breed. On inter-island flights, dogs in the passenger cabin are charged a $35 surcharge. The cost for any other flight is $175 (Each way). International flights and flights to/from JFK Airport do not allow pets.

Requirements and Restrictions for Animal Carrier

Hawaiian Airlines do not supply pet carriages. You are accountable for providing one for your pet. Once your animal is allowed for travel, Hawaiian Airlines will examine and approve all pet carriers. Hawaiian airlines does not allow pets in cargo.

The requirements for an animal carrier is listed down below:

  • The carrier must be gentle and leak-proof, and the pet must be content to rest, move properly, move, and lay down in a proper alignment.
  • The animal must remain in its container throughout the terminal and onto the plane.
  • Pet carriages are not permitted near the bulkhead, emergency escape rows, or emergency exit rows next to emergency exit rows.
  • The carriers should be stored immediately at the front of the visitor under the seat.

The carrier’s dimensions in inches shall not exceed the following-

Length (in.)  Width(in.)Height(in.)Combined weight of the animal plus the carrier (pounds)

Taking Service Animals on Vacation

Onboard the flight, Hawaiian Airlines cordially invite passengers and their authorized assistance animals. Qualified service animals vary from emotional support/comfort animals in that they’ve been certified to conduct particular jobs or activities to aid a disabled visitor in managing their condition.

Emotional Support Animals 

Emotional assistance Animals that offer comfort, love, or company but have not been taught to do a specific function or duty to aid with a handicap are classified as service animals.

Hawaiian Airlines will no longer recommend emotional support animals as service animals as of Jan. 11, 2021, following revised standards from the US Department of Transportation (14 CFR Part 382). If all pet approval standards are satisfied, emotional comfort pets may be carried as pets.


Which airlines go to Hawaii with dogs allowed in the cabin?

Alaska Airlines is the only commercial airline that permits pets in the passenger cabin on flights to Hawaii (small cats and dogs only).

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