Service dogs are welcome inside the cabins at no additional cost when flying with Lufthansa. The pet’s behavior has to be acceptable to protect everyone’s security. It is forbidden to growl, snarl, or leap up a lot at individuals or even other pets present on the same flight. The policy for service animals by Lufthansa Airlines will necessitate that the support dog is put in the baggage compartment or that it not be transported at all if it acts improperly.

In this article, we are going to learn briefly about the pet policy of Lufthansa Airlines about service dogs. We will be covering everything from booking procedures, preparing for the flight to in-flight activities and also provide you the required sources for documentation.

Lufthansa Airlines Trained Service Animal Policy

Lufthansa Airlines allows Trained Service Animals to stay inside passenger cabins with their parents for absolutely free. But there are some cautions for you to abide by while taking a service animal onboard. The same guidelines for carrying pets inside an airplane apply for bringing a service dog into the aircraft. So, you should also take a look at the Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy.

General Instructions For Service Animals On LH

Lufthansa accepts only dogs as trained service animals. No other species are recognised by them as service animals. The dog should be properly socialized and educated to obey your directions in order for the trip to operate safely and without interruption (No snarling, screaming, or leaping at individuals or other pets, in other ways).

Your dog will only be allowed to discharge himself/herself in a manner that poses no health hazard or hygienic issues, and under no circumstances may a dog do so inside the cabins or on the departure gate.

If the dog doesn’t act properly, Lufthansa can charge you extra to move the pet towards the luggage hold or decide not to convey it at all. You are responsible for any harm and extra expenses associated with the shipping of the dog.

How The Service Animal Should Stay Inside The Cabins

  • The dog should be small enough to pass inside the footwell of the chair and be fastened to the safety harness using a pet collar that Lufthansa will supply.
  • The dog is not permitted to ride in an aircraft’s guest chair.
  • Instead of a leash, they advise using a belt to restrain the dog.
  • Although it is not necessary to pack a dog mask when traveling with a service dog, we kindly request you carry one out of extra concern and regard for all other travelers.
  • You would be obliged to blindfold the dog as in event that he/she presents a danger to the security of other travelers. If not, the dog won’t be allowed to board a Lufthansa aircraft.

Comprehensive data on bringing service dogs on direct flights from and to the U.S and verifying them

Travelers are allowed to fly with an aid dog, along with a psychiatric service dog, on nonstop trips from or to the USA. The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) standards stipulate how and to what degree the dog should be specifically taught to carry out duties for said assistance of an individual with something like a handicap, such as a sight, cognitive, mental, intellect, or some other emotional impairment. Service dogs are transported for free by Lufthansa. A threshold of 2 service dogs are allowed per person on Lufthansa flights.

Lufthansa Airlines definition of a service dog :

  • Any species or breed of dog which has been specially trained to assist an individual having a handicap.
  • along with a mental illness, psychiatric condition, intellectual handicap, or other impairment.
  • Service dogs don’t include family pets, emotional help pets, consolation animals, moral support dogs apart from dogs, or trained service dogs.

Who can have a service dog :

  • An individual with a cognitive or bodily handicap which considerably restricts important daily functions on a continuous or periodic basis.
  • Has evidence of the disability.

Required Documents For Service Animals On Lufthansa

The necessary paperwork must be filled out and submitted to Lufthansa in order to fly with a service dog. This needs to be completed on the day you buy your reservation or later.

  • You should submit these documents to Lufthansa online or in physical format at least two days beforehand your booked travel date when you are traveling with a service dog and also have booked a ticket well over two days before the initial flight date of the journey.
  • You should present these documents to Lufthansa at the boarding terminal on the occasion you are flying when you are traveling with a service dog and also have booked a ticket just under two days prior to the earliest scheduled flight of your journey.

Please fill out and transmit the following documents to Lufthansa Health Control Center (Email address is provided at the end of the article).

  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • If you need to schedule a service dog on such a trip that connects or feeds out of the United States, you will also need a training credential. Deliver them the credential through email along with the aforementioned documents.

Information on bringing and enrolling authorized service dogs on any and all international trips

Across all Lufthansa trips, authorized service pets (support dogs [SVAN] – such as service animals, listening animals, diabetes warning dogs, and epilepsy alert animals) are welcome inside the compartment at no additional cost. If you can, register the dog for cabin transportation prior to two days before departure.

Procedures for enrolling authorized service animals on trips outside of the United States:

1. You may show documentation of education for the dog from just an accredited training facility. When everything has been verified, individuals will be sent an acknowledgment via Lufthansa Medical Control Center.

2. For international trips, they additionally need formal confirmation from travelers that the dog complies with the guidelines for flying as a recognized service dog. So, try bringing two copies of this document, both duly filled out and stamped, with you when you register in.

How Lufthansa Checks The Eligibility Of A Service Dog

In accordance with the rules set forth by the U.S. Ministry of Transport, Lufthansa can determine if a pet is qualified to serve as an aid dog. They may monitor the pet to see if it exhibits destructive or violent tendencies that suggests it hasn’t been effectively taught to behave appropriately in a shared environment, or look for specific visual clues to identify if the pet is a service dog.

All service animals should be accommodated inside the foot room at the traveler’s chair, except this would violate the European or German law or even the Aviation Administration’s safety regulations, but would take up too much room for another traveler.

When aboard Lufthansa airplanes and in terminal facilities that are controlled, rented, or managed by Lufthansa, such service dogs must be maintained on such a leash at any and all moments by the service dog owner or controller (if appropriate).

When Lufthansa May Reject A Service Dog Onboard

Throughout the below situations, Lufthansa can decline to carry a service dog in compliance with U.S. Transportation Department legislations:

  • A significant threat to some other individual’s well-being or safety is posed by the service dog.
  • The support dog creates a lot of disturbance inside the compartment or within the terminal region of the airfield, and based on how it behaves there, it is clear that it hasn’t received enough training for polite behavior in public settings.
  • The transportation of the service dog may contravene any relevant security or medical regulations set forth by a federal agency, a U.S. jurisdiction, or a different nation.
  • The disabled customer does not have the full documents that Lufthansa requires in order for them to fly with a service dog inside the compartment of the flight.

In compliance with the rules of the United States Ministry of Transport, Lufthansa retains the ability to sue a traveler who is traveling with a service dog about any harm the dog may have produced.

Lufthansa’s Checklist For Travelers With Service Dogs

Before the trip

  • You had confirmed that bringing the dog onboard your trip (both the outgoing and return trip) as supplementary carry-on luggage inside the compartment complies with the most recent entry & departure laws of each of the relevant nations.
  • Any required medical examinations or procedures (such as immunizations, microchipping, etc.) have already been finished prior your trip.
  • The legal and medical paperwork needed for the pet, such as a pet certificate, is prepared.
  • You had ensured that other carriers concerned in this journey allow you to bring the dog along with you within the aircraft.
  • You had made your vacation plans with Lufthansa and the travel agent, enrolled your dog in compartment service, and got a reservation in return.
  • You possess two copies of the paperwork for pet transportation in the tourist compartment that are completely filled up and stamped.
  • If the dog was already educated to serve as a service dog, you get a license showing it. This is not necessary for travels from or to the United states of america.
  • You had completed and emailed the necessary paperwork to the Lufthansa Health Control Centre if you’ll be traveling from or to the United States.

Travel day

  • Kindly take the dog towards the registration desk no relatively late over two hrs prior to travel in a proper shipping crate (if applicable).
  • There at registration desk, kindly present the necessary paperwork for the pet:
    1. The legal and medical records for the dog, including, if appropriate, a pet visa, as well as documentation of the dog’s training as a service dog (except for trips from or to the USA).
    2. Two copies of their application for the travel of a dog inside the passenger compartment that have been properly filled and stamped.
  • The carry-on luggage contains your traveling ticket or proof of your reservation.
  • The fee for traveling your dog is paid somewhere at Lufthansa service desk or upon verification.
  • The dog is sporting a leash, collar, and, if practical, a mask.

Booking For Service Dogs On Lufthansa

You can make a booking for your service dog in three ways while traveling by Lufthansa.

  1. By sending an email to the medical control center of Lufthansa.
  2. By contacting their service center.
  3. Via your tour operator.


Does Lufthansa accept pets?

Lufthansa Airlines does accept pets inside their cabins as well as checked baggage. On most of their flights, only dogs and cats are allowed to fly onboard.

Do Lufthansa allow dogs in the cabin?

Lufthansa Airlines allows normal pets inside their cabins for a specific charge. But there are certain measurement and breeding restrictions which you must follow. They also allow trained service dogs onboard for free.

Does Lufthansa recognize emotional support animals?

Lufthansa Airlines does not accept emotional support animals on board anymore. This change came as a response to the department of transportation’s change of rules regarding emotional support animals on airlines.

How much Lufthansa charges for service animals?

Lufthansa Airlines does not take any money from travelers for allowing their trained service animals onboard. But, the service dog must be legally trained and also the traveler has to prove the validity of the service animal.

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