Aegean Airlines is one of the few carriers that still offer all three possible services for pets on airlines i.e pets in cabin, as checked baggage, and cargo. Their rules and regulations for pets are quite flexible and include variety so that pet parents do not face any problems while traveling with their companions. Aegean charges 30 to 60 EUR for accepting pets inside of their cabins and 110 to 180 EUR for accepting pets as checked baggage. This charge may increase by 10 to 20 EUR if the flight is a connecting one. Trained Service animals can still fly for free on the Aegean.

Pet Travel Options

Aegean provides you with all three possible pet travel options that are generally available.

  1. Pets in the cabin. ✔️
  2. Pets as checked baggage. ✔️
  3. Cargo. ✔️

Pets In The Cabin

Aegean allows travelers to bring their cats and dogs onboard with them.

  • Every traveler is permitted to bring one dog or cat into the cabins in a suitable container or crate.
  • A pet’s total mass with its crate is limited to 8 kilograms.
  • A cat or dog per traveler is allowed inside the cabins if it is within a proper carrier or box.
  • Travelers are not permitted to bring a pet into the cabin if they are traveling with a child.

Container Guidelines For Pets In The Cabin

Travelers need to purchase a container for their pet that fulfills the requirements of Aegean Airlines.

  • Animals must be transported in a particular crate or carrier, which the traveler must supply.
  • Dogs and cats should be maintained within the crate the entire flight, and it needs to be waterproof.
  • Parents of pets must make sure their animals have water and food available for the duration of the journey, as well as any potential transfer periods if any.
  • Any side seat is permitted for travelers with a companion inside the cabin; the very first section, the exit line, and nearby seats are not permitted.
  • The crate must be positioned beneath the traveler’s front chair.
  • Pets are allowed in the cafes, but they should wait for their next flight in their own designated box or container.

Container Dimensions For Pets In The Cabin

The container must not exceed these dimensions.

23 cm40 cm55 cm

Pets as checked baggage

Larger cats and dogs must only be carried in the airplane’s luggage compartment if their combined weight does exceed eight kilograms (with their carrier).

  • Only cats and dogs are accepted as checked baggage.
  • Pets cannot be admitted for flights with connections longer than three hours in the airplane hold.
  • Additionally, pets meant for use in laboratories or for research will not be allowed.

Container Guidelines Pets as checked baggage

Larger pets should be transported in the airplane baggage compartment in a crate that is the right size and shape for the traveler.

  • The crate needs to be big enough for the pet to move around naturally, including standing up, turning, and lying down.
  • It ought to be spotless and free of leaks, escape routes, and claws.
  • Parents of pets must make sure their pets have water and food available for the duration of the journey, as well as any potential transfer periods, if any.
  • Bottles for food and liquids should be sealed in attempt to prevent spillage.
  • The crate must be suitable for maintenance and air shipment.
  • It must have minimum 3 sides that are sufficiently ventilated.
  • To adequately lock the crate in the airplane hold, the pet parent should take out the tires.

Container Dimensions For Pets As Checked Baggage

The container must not exceed these dimensions.

79 cm75 cm105 cm

Pets as Cargo

You can consider shipping your pet through Aegean Cargo when :

  • Animals like dogs and cats are traveling alone.
  • Dogs and cats whose needed container or crate surpasses the measurements of above mentioned dimensions.
  • When cats and dogs are traveling to the United Kingdom.

Document and Other Requirements

  • Animals/pets should be at least 3 months old and have a current rabies vaccination.
    1. Typically, the anti-rabies immunization is given once a year. When traveling, the immunization should still be effective and be at least 21 days old.
    2. Vaccination should be administered after a computer chip in order to remain valid. In reality, the pet must be at least 105 nights old to be permitted for travel.
  • Dogs or cats must generally be quiet and not bother other travelers, as well as hygienic, clean, nontoxic, unscented, not expectant, and not medicated.
  • The animal’s medical record should be displayed for examination, as well as the mandatory ID chip has to be implanted.
  • When a pet isn’t traveling with its parent, the parent must provide written permission via a declaration.
  • Animal lovers are required to show a pet passport while traveling internationally.
  • State restrictions governing the importation, exportation, and transportation of living species apply to the travel of animals. Each traveler must consult the relevant officials (often the Department of Agriculture and Animals of their target country) for extra procedures since each nation might set significant restrictions.
  • It’s the parent’s duty to make certain that all documentation needed for the importing of their animal is accurate for the nation they are traveling to.

Aircraft Restrictions

For the below given aircrafts, the dimensions mentioned below will apply.

25 cm25 cm40 cmDH8-100, DH8-400 and ATR aircraft

Pets can be transported as checked baggage only in the below-mentioned aircrafts :

Airbus 319Airbus 321
Airbus 320ΑΤR 72-600


The below-mentioned charges will prevail when you are transporting or carrying a pet by Aegean Airlines.

ServiceInternational FlightsDomestic FlightsConnecting
Pets in the cabinEUR 60EUR 30Same
Pets as checked baggage (8 kg to 25 kg)EUR 110EUR 50EUR 55 / EUR 120
Pets as checked baggage (25+ kg)EUR 180EUR 90EUR 95 / EUR 190
  • No matter how many pets are contained, the fees are per crate. As far as the pertinent service is offered, reconfiguration and re-issuing are relevant.
  • Only planes to Heathrow Airport and solely as freight are allowed to bring cats and dogs into the United Kingdom.
  • Reservations for pets and animals are refundable.
  • The aforementioned costs are per route.

Breed Restrictions

Brachycephalic cats and dogs are not heat-adapted pets and struggle to maintain a comfortable body warmth in the summer. As a result, these species are extremely susceptible to the temperature and have breathing and reproductive issues. High levels of anxiety can exacerbate these breathing problems.

They are unable to inhale easily and cannot keep themselves cool, hence AEGEAN and Olympic Flight will not allow them to hold luggage or air freight.

Cat Breeds :

American shorthairHimalayanSelkirk Rex
PersianScottish FoldAmerican Longhair
British LonghairScottish StraightExotic
British ShorthairBurmese

Dog Breeds :

PinscherChow ChowBoxer (All breeds)
Cane CorsoBoston TerrierCavalier king Charles Spaniel
AffenpinscherAmerican BullyBulldog (All breeds)
English Toy Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel)Brussels GriffonDogue De Bordeaux
Pit BullPug (All breeds)Lhasa Apso
Staffordshire Bull TerrierJapanese Spaniel (Chin)Pekingese
Mastiff (All breeds)Shar PeiPresa Canario
Tibetan SpanielShih TzuAmerican Staffordshire Terrier

Some Other Breeds :

Dogo ArgentinoJapanese TosaCaucasian ovcharka
Tosa Inu and Doberman Pinscher/DobermanBandogFila Brasileiros
KarabashRottweilerMastino Napoletano

Service Animals

The two following types of dogs are accepted by AEGEAN as guide dogs and are permitted to fly inside the cabin:

  • Qualified service dogs include watching dogs that can guide travelers with vision impairment, listening dogs that can guide travelers with hearing impairment, and other guide dogs that can help, such as those for autistic or epilepsy travelers.
    1. The certifying agencies for support dog groups worldwide, Aid Dogs Worldwide (ADI) or Global Guidance Dog Foundation (IGDF), require that educated guide dogs be recognized by a company.
  • Dogs that have been specially trained to help rescuers.

Regulations For Service Animals

  • Guide dogs should be booked at minimum 2 days prior to aircraft takeoff and may only be arranged through the AEGEAN Contact Center.
  • They are transported without any cost.
  • One guide dog is allowed per traveler in the compartment. In a particular crate or container that has been certified, a secondary guide dog may be transported in the luggage hold.
  • A crate must be provided by the traveler.
  • The assistance dog must fit under your legs.
  • It must not directly endanger the safety or security of other travelers or interfere with in-cabin operations.
  • The assistance dog also isn’t permitted to roam the cabin.
  • The other regular regulations for normal pets also apply for service animals.
  • Travelers must make sure that the companion complies with all safety and sanitation prerequisites, that all required paperwork for possession and shipping is in place, and that rules and regs in the target country allow the dog or cat or animal to be shipped and enter the nation in accordance with local law.


Bookings for pets must be made before using the official internet platforms. Due to the restricted amount of pets that can travel on every aircraft, bookings for pets are accepted in priority order.


Pet parents should keep in mind the following things :

  • Pets must be checked at minimum 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • There are designated check-in facilities at the terminals in Thessaloniki and Athens just for travelers with pets.
  • There are options for online and smartphone check-in, however you can also pick up your boarding passes at the terminal.


To make sure things are prepared before flying out, follow the list below :

Before Takeoff

  • Documentation and pet passports are ready.
  • Any required veterinary exams or procedures (such as immunizations or vet care) have been finished.
  • You have reviewed all limitations and rules that are in effect at the airport where you are traveling.
  • You possess a pet or animal-specific container that has been approved.
  • The crate is recognizable to your pet or animal.
  • You are wearing a collar and the required ID tags.
  • You have adequate goodies and snacks for animals.

At the terminal

  • Arrive at the registration desk at minimum one hour prior to your plane’s takeoff.
  • Before going through immigration at the terminal, take your pet for a lengthy walk.


Is Aegean Airlines pet friendly?

Aegean Airlines has got some rules and regulations in place that are solely dedicated to ensure the safety of your pet. They offer a variety of options so that you do not need to stress on travel regulations.

How much does Aegean charge for pets?

Aegean charges 30 to 60 EUR for pets in the cabin and 110 to 180 EUR for accepting pets as checked baggage. Charges for connecting flights may result in an extra 10 to 20 EUR.

Does Aegean allow service animals?

Aegean Airlines accept service animals inside of their cabins free of cost. But they only recognize dogs as service animals. You will need to prove that the dog is well-trained to avail this service.

Does Aegean have breed restrictions for pets?

Aegean Airlines refrain from accepting some brachycephalic dog and cat breeds as they may face breathing issues due to extreme heat. These restrictions apply for pets as checked baggage.

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