A dog which has been specially taught to perform or complete duties for the assistance of a person with a condition qualifies as a trained service animal or TSA. Just like other airlines, Spirit Airlines also have special guidelines for people with service animals. They do not accept service animals that are not properly trained. Service dogs can travel for free on Spirit Airlines.

General Instructions

  • Only dogs are considered as trained service animals.
  • One person can have a maximum of 2 service dogs.
  • The dog won’t be permitted to fly if it ever displays behaviors that indicate it may disturb other passengers, that it hasn’t been properly educated to serve as a support dog in general, or that it might be aggressive.
  • Service dogs are not permitted in rows facing emergency exits.
  • No dog, nor any of its parts, may ever be put on an airplane seat.
  • It has to stay in the foot area.
  • The dog is not allowed to obstruct an aisle, stretch into it, or enter any other space that needs to be left clear for emergency egress.
  • Dogs are not allowed to stretch into neighboring guests’ foot spaces.

Required Documents

  • The DOT form should be filled up and submitted at this place before 2 days of the flight.
    • You are allowed to submit the filled Paperwork to the check in counter or even the terminal on your day of departure for evaluation and approval if you are not able to complete it electronically in time for the trip. But submitting it online is the best option to make sure you are not facing any problems while checking in.
  • You should include the rabies immunization information in the DOT form.
  • A Spirit staff at the terminal must get verifiable verbal confirmation that the dog has been taught to carry out a duty for a handicap. The only proof that a dog is indeed a qualified assistance dog is not anymore a service dog collar, leash, Identity card, or certification.
  • Other documents might be required as per the destination country. Contact spirit to learn about other documents.


You have to inform Spirit about your service dog while making your reservation.

Check In

Make sure you have extra time on hand so that all the procedures can be completed flawlessly. If, for some reason your TSA gets rejected from onboarding the flight, then you can rebook the flight for a later date.


  1. Does Spirit Airlines Allow Service Animals?

    Spirit Airlines accepts service animals on board for free.

  2. How much does Spirit Airlines charge for service animals?

    Spirit Airlines does not charge for trained service animals. They are accepted onboard for free.

  3. How many service animals are allowed per person on Spirit Airlines?

    One person can have a maximum of 2 service dogs while traveling with Spirit. Other pets need to travel as regular pets.

  4. Does Spirit accept service dogs in training?

    No, Spirit Airlines does not accept service dogs in training. Only dogs that have completed their training programs are accepted as service dogs.

Contact Details

Call1 855 SAVE 555 (1 855 728 3555)

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