Finding an appropriate airline for traveling with your service dog is quite a hassle. There are numerous requirements to look after and different airlines require different documents. All this makes the journey quite unpleasant. That’s why people with service dogs need to properly research and select the airline sincerely. But to start researching, you will need to know the name of the airlines which allow service dogs, right? We are listing the name of the airlines that allow service dogs and we have divided them based on their continents of origin.

What Is A Service Dog?

A service dog is a specially trained and educated dog that supports an individual with any kind of disability i.e psychiatric, physical, or any other kind, and accompanies the individual wherever he/she needs to go. To be more precise, a service dog works as a support for that individual. The dog needs to be individually trained by a certified training organization and the owner of that dog needs to have a certification of training of that dog to be recognized as a service dog by the airlines.

What Documents Are Required For The Airlines To Accept The Service Dog?

Regulations were quite simple and easy to abide by some years ago. But now, the situation has completely changed. Airlines now require a bunch of documents to recognize any service dog. Some of them are :

  • Certification of training.
  • DOT forms (if you’re traveling from/to the US).
  • Pet passport.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Microchip (if you’re traveling from/to Europe).

No airline demands all of the documents mentioned above at a time. But, most of them require 2 or 3 documents from the list provided above. Some also allow you to travel with a service dog if you just show them the certification of training.

How To Train A Service Dog?

The fundamental abilities for an assistance dog or other support animal aren’t particularly challenging to learn. Guide dogs must be competent in any situation and socialize with people and other canines.

  • The best approach to guarantee that the dog matures into a sociable and self-assured adult is through socializing. Ideal times for socializing are between 3 and 20 weeks in life.
  • Pups must be petted frequently by a variety of persons, accustomed to various noises, and trained to remain independent. Any encounter with the puppy must be kind and cordial, never hostile.
  • Additionally, you must watch out for any signs of aggression.
  • In addition to teaching the dog to “do” on cue in proper locations, toilet training is crucial to preventing messes within. Giving them a container gives them a secure, tidy space to call home. They learn that “passing” outside is positive by being kept in the container and then let out when it’s time to go pee.
  • Collar training is necessary for the dog to understand boundaries. When it’s acceptable, the dog should develop to concentrate on you rather than the surroundings.

The most crucial foundational abilities you’ll require in your instruction regimen before training the dog to function as a guide dog are listed above. Teaching them fundamental obedience instructions like “settle,” “knee,” and “up” is also helpful.

List of Airlines That Allow Service Animal

We have listed airlines that allow service dogs inside the cabin with you.


The airlines that allow service animals in this region are:

  1. Aeromexico Service Dog
  2. Air Canada Service Dog
  3. Volaris Airlines Service Dog
  4. United Airlines Service Animal
  5. Sun Country Airlines Service Dog
  6. JetBlue Airlines Service Animal
  7. Frontier Airlines Service Dog
  8. Delta Airlines Service Dog
  9. Breeze Airways Service Dog
  10. Copa Airlines Service Dog
  11. American Airlines Service Dog
  12. Allegiant Airlines Service Animal
  13. Alaska Airlines Service Dog
  14. Spirit Airlines Service Dog


The airlines that allow service animals in this region are :

  1. Play Airlines Service Dog
  2. Vueling Airlines Service Dog
  3. Virgin Atlantic service dog
  4. Tap Portugal Service Dog
  5. SAS Service Dog
  6. RyanAir Service Dog
  7. Norwegian Service Dog
  8. Lot Polish Airlines Service Dog
  9. Lufthansa Service Animal
  10. Klm Service Dog
  11. Turkish Airlines Service Animal
  12. Finnair Service Animal
  13. British Airways Service Animal
  14. Austrian Airlines Service Animal
  15. Alitalia Airlines Service Animal
  16. Air France Service Animal
  17. Air Europa Service Animal
  18. Aer Lingus Service Animal
  19. Aegean Airlines Service Animal


The airlines that allow service animals in this region are :

  1. Singapore Airlines Service Dog Policy
  2. Thai Airways Service Dog
  3. Qatar Airways Service Dog Policy
  4. Japan Airlines Service Dog Policy
  5. Hainan Airlines Service Dog Policy
  6. EVA Air Service Dog Policy
  7. Etihad Service Dog Policy
  8. Emirates Service Dog Policy
  9. China Southern Airlines Service Dog Policy
  10. Cathay Pacific Service Dog Policy
  11. Asiana Airlines Service Dog Policy
  12. ANA Service Dog Policy


The airlines that allow service animals in this region are :

  1. Qantas Service Dog Policy
  2. Virgin Australia
  3. Fiji Airways
  4. Air New Zealand
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