Travelers can choose from the most extensive range of international routes with United Airlines. Additionally, they consist of nonstop or one-stop trips from and to any location within the United States. It’s no surprise that United Airways dominates the airline sector given that it has hubs in each of the 4 major U.S. towns. UA is certainly one of your choices if you’re looking to make a flight reservation. Knowing United Airlines service dog rules might also make your trip easier if you’re taking a service dog.

United Airlines allows individually trained service dogs to travel on their flight for absolutely free. They are also free from majority regulations that are applied in the case of normal pets. But, United has stopped recognizing ESA after the changes made by the DOT in their regulations.

General Guidelines

For eligible people with disabilities, assistance dogs are allowed in cabins without any cost. Any dog, irrespective of species or kind, can be used as a support animal.

The dog should be above the age of 4 months and especially taught to carry out duties for the convenience of a competent individual with a handicap, such as one that affects their senses, their mental health, their cognition, or another aspect of their being. The number of guide dogs that can travel with an eligible disabled person is limited to two.

When you’re taking an assistance dog along with you, it must stay on the ground adjacent to the designated seat but not encroach into the corridor or the area between passengers’ feet. If the usage of the permitted in-cabin pet carrier satisfies the luggage criteria, you may utilize it for smaller pets. Row sitting at the exit is not permitted.

Documents for Service Animals

The U.S. Dept of Aviation (DOT) requires specific paperwork from anyone flying with a support animal. Every assistance dog flying with an individual must have the DOT documents listed below:

When you’ve made your booking request, you may fill out these documents online and upload them to the booking. After purchasing your reservations, navigate to the Travel information page and select “Special arrangements” to add the trained dog. At least twenty-four hours prior to the trip, you should fill out and attach these documents to the booking. Additionally, you can print and download them to bring with you or retain them for your purposes.

Your assistance animal’s body weight, type, rabies vaccination history, and veterinary data are required to submit these papers.

Destination restrictions for United Airlines Service Dog

The Organization for Disease Prevention and Control have recommended that the U.S. authorities briefly halt the importation of canines from nations with an elevated danger of rabies. It has been put on hold till further notification. The following areas are currently served by the United:

BrazilGhanaDominican Republic
ChinaEl SalvadorColombia
South AfricaPhilippinesPeru

It might have an impact on individuals linking to the United via other places.

Dogs from elevated-risk nations may return to the United States after receiving a vaccination administered by an American vet if indeed the following conditions are met:

  • is at minimum six months old,
  • possesses confirmation of a computer chip,
  • is fit when they enter,
  • does have a current US-issued rabies vaccination record,
  • and enters at an authorized point of entry.

The US won’t even accept rabies vaccination records that are past their expiration dates. If qualified, you should submit an application for a Center for disease control Dog Import License if the United States-issued rabies vaccination card has run its course.

Service Animals in Training

On United planes, only specifically certified guide dogs that are flying beside a certified disabled passenger are permitted. Service canines that are being trained to aid disabled tourists can travel at no cost with their instructors.

Therapy Animals flying on United Airlines

In contrast, to guide dogs, therapy dogs are domestic pets who have undergone training and registration through a therapy group in need to attend care facilities, clinics, universities, and other places. Normal pet-related rules and limitations will apply while flying with a therapy animal.


How much United charges for Service Animals?

UA charges nothing for allowing Service Animals on their flight. Service Dogs can travel for free on every United flight. But, they have to meet certain criteria for availing of this service.

Does United accept Emotional Support Animals?

After the changes made by the Department of Transportation in early 2021, United has stopped accepting Emotional Support Animals. This means Emotional Support Animals can no longer travel for free on United flights. But they can still travel as normal pets if their owners are ready to pay applicable fees.

Does United allow Service Dogs in training?

Only qualified guide dogs that are traveling with a certified disabled passenger are allowed aboard United aircraft. Service dogs that are being trained to assist travelers with disabilities can travel for free with their trainers.

Which documents are required for Service Animals on United?

Anyone traveling with a service animal must provide certain documentation, according to the U.S. Department of Aviation (DOT). Every assistance dog traveling with a person must possess the DOT documents.

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