Yes, Vueling Airlines does accept service dogs on their aircrafts. But the dog should be properly trained by legal authorities and you have to show them proper documentation of the dog’s training. Without any legal training, they will not recognize your dog as a service animal. If they accept the dog, then it can travel for free to wherever you’re going. Document requirements for service dogs are pretty strict within the European Union and you will have to fulfill all of them.

General Guidelines Regarding Service Dogs On Vueling Airlines

  • Only legally trained service animals are accepted.
  • Dogs are the only animals that can be used as service animals.
  • Dogs under the age of 3 months will not be accepted as service animals.
  • Service dogs are allowed to travel for free.
  • Service dogs can never travel inside the checked baggage area.

Seating Arrangements

  • The dog should be sitting on the ground and under the chair throughout the flight.
  • A collar should be present.
  • The dog can not block the hallway.
  • You can have required materials for you dog with you like a blanket or waste bag or any other thing.

Required Documents

  • You will have to show a training certificate from an authorized organization.
  • There should be a microchip or label present in the dog’s body.
  • You should carry all the vaccination records of the dog. Rabies vaccination needs to be done before 21 days of the flight.
  • If you’re traveling internationally, the dog should have a pet passport also.
  • The dog won’t be permitted on aircraft if you don’t present the formal, physical documentation designating it as an aid dog.
  • Please contact the embassy of your target country to confirm the current and future requirements when you are traveling outside of the European Area.


Whenever you purchase your ticket on their platform, you must indicate that you will be traveling with a support dog. In the Travel Details page, choose the Traveler with Special Requirements checkbox. You’ll be eligible to claim that you’re traveling with a service animal. There is no extra charge for bringing these animals along on the trip.

If you have purchased your ticket previously, you can just notify them about your service dog by calling at their customer support number.


It is suggested to check in at least 2 hours before the flight so that they can help you adjust with your service dog on the aircraft.


Can I bring a service dog with Vueling?

Yes, legally trained service dogs are accepted by Vueling Airlines. You will have to show the proper training documents of the dog.

How much does Vueling charge for service dogs?

Vueling accepts certified service animals on their aircraft for free. The dog can travel with you to any part of the world for free only if you can show them proper training documents. 

Do I have to show the training certificate of my service dog on Vueling?

Yes, training certificates are a must when you are traveling with a service animal through Vueling Airlines.

Where does the service dog sit on Vueling Airlines?

Service dogs on Vueling Airlines can normally sit on the ground under your chair.

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