Air travel has become fairly cheaper thanks to the services of low-cost airlines like Southwest, Vueling, and RyanAir. Travelers are now able to travel on a budget, unlike the past times when air travel was only perceived as a luxury. As the costs are coming down, pet lovers are also desiring to take their pets with them on vacations or while moving from one place to another.

But, most of the airlines which accept pets, charge a high rate for pets individually, which is not yet affordable to most travelers. On the other hand, most low-cost airlines still do not accept pets for air travel. Which brings us to the question, Why don’t most low-cost airlines allow pets?

Let’s dive deep into this topic and try to know the reasons behind their not accepting pets in simple words.

Transporting pets is fairly costly for them.

Low-cost airlines are able to offer their services to mass people because their operating costs are also less than major airlines. In order to keep the costs low, they cut-on many add-on services which major airlines typically include in the fares.

Having pet transport facilities will result in additional physical check-in counters, more personnel to pay wages to and on-board services for pets. Low-cost airlines cut-on these services to keep the ticket charges affordable.

For passengers who are allergic to animals.

Although this is not the case for most low-cost airlines not accepting pets, but this reason also has some validity. Other passengers may be allergic to the animal staying right under their seats. To solve this issue, airlines need to offer passengers with pets, seats on some other row. But because low-cost airlines are often tightly packed, they can not offer this option.

This creates complexity for both the traveler with a pet and the traveler with allergy.

Pets require additional care.

To manage pets, airlines have to incorporate dedicated workers who look after them. Some of them also have dedicated vets to cure pets getting airsick. On top of that, pet’s need to be looked after in case they are not received on time by the consignee.

These things cost low-cost airlines both time and money. As they focus solely on transporting as many passengers as possible in a short time, they avoid allowing pets onboard.

Pet travel is infrequent.

Most travelers do not take their pets with them while traveling. As pet travel is both costly for their owners and stressful for the pets, they simply hand their pet over to some pet hostel or a relative while they will be traveling. So only a handful of passengers bring their pets with them.

As low-cost airlines tend to focus on mass people, they don’t make the necessary arrangements for pet’s onboard.


As air travel is becoming widely available for mass people, more and more pet owners are now trying to take their pets with them on vacations. This demand for pet travel will result in supply coming on its way in no time. So we can hope to see low-cost airlines also allowing pets in the near future.

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