Alaska Airlines shall allow service animals that have been trained to carry out duties or complete tasks in support of a qualifying disabled person. Psychological guide dogs are included in this. They do not charge money for allowing service dogs. But remember, only trained service dogs are accepted by Alaska Airlines. Service animals in training are not recognized by them. There are a bunch of requirements, so you should go through them thoroughly.

General Instructions Regarding Service Animals On Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines accepts trained service animals onboard without any charges.
  • Only dogs are recognized as service animals on Alaska Airlines.
  • A total of 2 assistance animals are permitted per person.
  • Throughout the duration of the trip, the length of the support animal may not surpass the foot space or private space of the chair.
  • Onboard the flight and at the terminal, guide dogs must conduct themselves properly.
  • If the guide dog displays aggressive behavior, then you will not be allowed to bring the dog on board.

Seating Policy

  • It is prohibited to stay inside an urgent exit section for tourists flying with guide dogs due to safety concerns.
  • In order to keep the guide dog secure from foot activity, we advise selecting a window location.
  • If necessary to support your impairment, guide dogs should be placed just on the floor area under the chair or, when no bigger than a newborn, in the lap.
  • At no point should a service dog take a chair or be placed on a snack table.
  • The lanes or spaces that need to be left free for evacuation may not be blocked by guide dogs.

Required Documents

We strongly advise getting in touch with the relevant embassy or consulate at minimum 4 weeks before your trip if you’re taking your guide dog out of the US. This would be to make certain that you will be aware of and capable of obtaining the particular paperwork, such as health records and proof of immunization, needed for entrance into that place.

  • Medical certificate.
  • Rabies immunization paperwork.
  • Training certificate.
  • DOT Forms.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals are no longer considered as service animals. But they can travel as normal pets by obeying the general pet policy.

Service Animals in Training

Alaska airlines Service Animals that have not completed its training procedure yet are not considered to be trained service animals. So, they can not enjoy these facilities.


There are two steps involved in making an application for service animal transportation, and both must be finished at minimum 48 hours before your departure. This procedure should be started at least five days before the trip.

In order to prevent potential difficulties, kindly begin your application as early as you can if you’ve purchased your ticket less than 48 hours before departure.

Check In

You have to be present at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure with your service animal.


Do Alaska Airlines allow service animals?

Alaska Airlines accepts properly trained service dogs at no charge. 2 service animals are allowed per traveler.

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for service animals?

Alaska Airlines accepts service animals assisting competent persons with disability on board for free.

Do Alaska Airlines accept service animals in training?

Service animals that have not yet finished their training are not regarded as trained service animals. Thus, they are unable to use these amenities.

Can emotional support dogs fly on Alaska Airlines?

No, Alaska Airlines no longer accepts emotional support animals. They can travel as regular pets if their owners are ready to pay the applicable charges.

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