Eastern Airways allow cats and dogs inside the cabins to accompany their owners. Pets are not accepted as checked baggage or as cargo. The pets travel for free on Eastern Airways, and there are no hidden charges. You can even purchase a seat for the pet. The pet should be at least eight weeks of age to travel. Only six pets are allowed for each flight, so make the booking as early as possible. Service dogs travel for free on Eastern Airways.

Eastern Airways Pet Policy: An Overview

Pets in the cabinAllowed for free
Pets as checked baggageNot allowed
CargoNot available
Pets allowedHousehold dogs and cats
Container size9×14×22 inches (Maximum)
Service dogsAllowed for free
Emotional support animalsNot allowed

Pets Age

Pets must be at least eight weeks of age to fly with Eastern Airways.

Pets in The Cabin

Cats and dogs are accepted inside of the cabins. But unaccompanied kids can not have pets with them. 

Pets As Checked Baggage

Eastern Airways does not allow the transportation of pets as checked baggage.


Eastern Airways do not have any cargo service for pets.

Container Requirements

  • Each traveler can take one container with them, and each container can have only one pet.
  • The pet should stay inside the container throughout every stage of the flight.
  • The ground of the container must be leak-proof.
  • It should have proper ventilation systems.
  • The pet should be able to move freely inside the container.
  • The container should fit under your seat. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.
  • You can not book an exit-row seat if you’re traveling with a pet.
  • The pet and the container should be clean and odorless.
  • You can purchase an extra seat for your pet. 

Container Dimensions

The dimensions of the pet container should not exceed the following:

LengthWidthHeightMaximum weight (Including the pet)
9 inches or 23 cm14 inches or 36 cm22 inches or 56 cm70 lbs or 32 kg


Eastern Airlines are one of the only airlines that allows travelers to bring their pet friends with them for free. There are no additional charges.

Document Requirements

Pets need to be vaccinated, and you must show them the vaccination certificates.

Depending on your destination airport, you may need other documents like a health certificate or pet passport.

Aircraft Restrictions

Eastern Airlines accepts six pets per flight.

Breed Restrictions

No specific breeds are banned by Eastern Airlines. But your pet must know how to behave in public. It will be denied onboarding in case the dog exhibits aggressive behavior.

Service Dogs

Service dogs travel for free on Eastern Airlines. But they need to be certified, and you must show training certificates.

Emotional Support Pets

Emotional support pets are no longer accepted on Eastern Airlines.


Only six pets are accepted per flight. So it is best to make the reservations as early as possible.


Make sure you’re present at the airport with at least 2 hours in hand.


  • Contact them to learn about the document requirements based on your destination airport.
  • Make sure all the vaccination certificates are up-to-date.
  • Purchase a seat in case your container is too big to be stowed under the seat.
  • Take your pet to the relief area before the flight.


Does Eastern Airways allow pets?

Yes, Eastern Airlines allows pets in the cabin for free. Only dogs and cats are accepted.

Does Eastern Airways allow pets as checked baggage?

No, Eastern Airlines does not allow pets as checked baggage.

How many pets are allowed on Eastern Airways?

Eastern Airlines allows up to 6 pets on their flights. They accept pets on a first-come, first-served basis.

How much does Eastern Airways charge for pets?

Eastern Airlines allows cats and dogs inside their cabin for absolutely free. They don’t charge any extra money for allowing pets.

Does Eastern Airways allow service dogs?

Yes, Travelers with special needs can have their service dogs with them on Eastern Airlines for free. The dog must be trained.

Can I purchase a seat for my dog on Eastern Airways?

Yes, you can. But the dog can not sit directly on the seat.

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