Yes, WestJet allows cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds inside of their cabin. They offer a variety of options for pet parents i.e pets in the cabin, pets as checked baggage, and cargo. The rate is 50 to 59 CAD per pet on flights between the United States and Canada. Service Dogs can travel for free on WestJet but Emotional Support Animals are not accepted.

WestJet Pet Policy At A Glance

Pets in the cabinAllowed
Pets as checked baggageAllowed
International flightsAllowed
Charge50-59 USD / 100-118 USD
Service dogsAllowed for free
Emotional support animalsNot allowed
Pets age8 weeks
Weight45 kg or 100 lbs
ContainerSoft-sided or hard-sided

General Guidelines For Any Service

  • Kids can not travel with pets alone.
  • Pets under the age of 8 weeks can not be transported.

Pets In The Cabin

WestJet accepts certain kinds of pets to travel accompanying their owners while being inside of the cabins.

Pets That Are Accepted In The Cabin :


Container Guidelines For Pets In The Cabin :

  • Pets traveling in the cabin must have enough space in their container to stand up, lie, and maneuver freely.
  • Because of the capacity constraints among non-window chairs, you might be obliged to recline in a side seat based on the kind of airplane.
  • Kindly be advised that if you’re traveling with a cat on a trip with a visitor who has a serious sensitivity to cat hair, they might be forced to transfer you to the back of the plane.
  • One person takes one container with them and only one animal is allowed to be inside one container.
  • The container should be approved for use on airlines.
  • The container must be a soft-sided one.
  • The ground of the container should be water-proof.
  • It should be well-ventilated as well.
  • It must also have some sort of security mechanism.
  • The pet should not be able to get its head out of the container.

Container Dimensions For Pets In The Cabin

41 cm or 16 inches21.5 cm or 8.5 inches25.4 cm or 10 inches

Pets As Checked Baggage

WestJet accepts certain pets as checked baggage.

Pets That Are Accepted As Checked Baggage :

Hedgehogs and RabbitsCats
Guinea PigsBirds

Container Guidelines For Pets As Checked Baggage

  • See Aircraft Restrictions below to learn about limited containers per flight per aircraft.
  • The container should be hard-sided.
  • Pets traveling as checked baggage must have enough space in their container to stand up, lie, and maneuver freely.
  • The security mechanism should be working well.
  • There should be holes for air movement.
  • Put a “Live Animal” label on the container.
  • Put an arrow sticker indicating the upper side of the container.
  • The pet should not be able to keep any of its body parts out of the container.
  • Toxic or dangerous products, chemicals, paint, or stabilizers must be avoided.
  • Keep the setting sanitized and clean.
  • Provide dishes for food and water.
  • There should be no wheels.
  • The ground of the container must be hard and leak-proof.
  • Welded and soft-sided containers are not allowed.

Container Dimensions For Pets As Checked Baggage

101 cm or 40 inches68 cm or 27 inches76 cm or 30 inches45 kg or 100 lbs


WestJet has the facility to transport the pet as Cargo as well. Contact their customer service to get the full info.


WestJet charges a 50 to 59 CAD per pet on flights to and from the United States and Canada. For other destinations, the charge is 100 to 118 CAD. Prices can change very quickly. So, make sure to consult with them about the price before booking your flight.

Destination Restrictions

We highly suggest you check the entry restrictions with the embassy, consulate, or other state officials before traveling with the animal to or from any state, region, or even across countries. You are accountable for complying with any provincial, territorial, or nation’s entry criteria, such as the place of exit.

WestJet does not accept pets to or from the following destinations :

Hawaii and BarbadosIreland
JamaicaUnited Kingdom
  • Birds are not accepted on flights to the Dominican Republic.
  • Flights from Mexico also fall under certain regulations.

Aircraft Restrictions

Certain aircrafts accept only limited number of containers per flight :

AircraftNumber Of ContainersNumber Of Pets
WestJet 73736
WestJet 78724
Saab and WestJet Dash12

Holiday Restrictions

WestJet allows only a limited number of pets as checked baggage during holiday seasons. So, if you are flying with your pet during the holiday season, make sure to consult with WestJet customer representatives thoroughly.

Temperature Restrictions

WestJet has a number of temperature restrictions on certain countries, during this time, pets are not accepted as checked baggage. Make sure to verify the temperature restrictions before booking your ticket.

Breed Restrictions

These breeds are not accepted as checked baggages on flights to or from Ontario, Canada :

American Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull TerrierPit Bull Terrier

Guidelines For Working Dogs

Working dogs are not regarded as service dogs. They perform some kind of task on the command of a person or an organization. Police dogs, relocation dogs fall in this category.

  • Working dogs do not travel for free. Their owners are required to pay standard pet fees.
  • Working dogs are not accepted on the 787 Dreamliner’s business cabin.
  • At the terminal, you must show a Registration Certification Identity card.
  • The dog needs to stay under control of the owner and wear a vest or collar.
  • It should be trained to behave accordingly in public.
  • You have to notify WestJet about the working dog in advance.

Service Animals

  • Trained service animals are allowed on WestJet.
  • WestJet charges no fees for trained service animals.
  • Guide dogs must be recognized and tethered.
  • Each traveler is allowed one guide dog.
  • They should fly at the owner’s legs, but if little enough, they can rest in their lap.
  • When flying with a support animal, WestJet requires at least 48 hours’ notification.
  • You should supply the necessary papers for your target country.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals are not accepted on WestJet flights anymore.


Because the amount of animals allowed on every flight is limited, they highly advise you to request an accommodation for the pet as early as you’ve finalized your ticket. If you fail to reserve room for the pet 2 days before departure, accommodation may be unavailable, and you may be denied the right to fly with the pet. Pet accommodation can’t be booked online. Feel free to call them if you want to include the pet in your vacation plans.

Check In

Come to the airport terminal at least 40 minutes ahead of the plane’s scheduled departure. You would be refused entry if you come plus or minus 10 minutes prior to the flight.

Please leave plenty of leisure to sign in if you’re traveling with the pet as checked luggage. You and your companion may be forced to undergo extra security inspection before continuing to traveler inspection.

How Do I Add A Pet To My Flight On WestJet?

  • Make sure to inform WestJet about your pet while making the reservation.
  • Purchase a suitable container for your pet and make the pet used to it.
  • Get all the documents ready as per the requirements of the departure and destination country.
  • Arrive at the airport with some on hand so that you get enough time to avoid any complications.


  • For the companion’s convenience, we suggest nonstop trips.
  • WestJet suggests contacting your vet prior booking tickets for the pet if she is expectant or in season.
  • Furthermore, you must not give the pet any tranquilizers or other medications prior to travel before even contacting a vet.
  • The pet should be served and hydrated before 4 hours of arrival. Give the companion a light dinner before leaving and give them a quick glass of water while checking in. Meal and drink dishes are prone to overflowing during cage management and movement. WestJet suggests that you remove all water and food dishes before the trip for the companion’s safety.


Does WestJet allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, pets are accepted inside of the cabins on WestJet.

What size dog can fly in a WestJet cabin?

The container dimensions for pets in the cabin on WestJet are :
Length: 41 cm or 16 inches
Height: 21.5 cm or 8.5 inches
Width: 25.4 cm or 10 inches

Does WestJet allow service animals?

Yes, WestJet allows trained service animals on their flights for free.

How much does WestJet charge for pets?

The pet fee on WestJet is 100 to 118 CAD on international flights and 50 to 59 CAD on flights between the United States and Canada.

Contact Details

Cargo[email protected] Tel : 1866 952 2746
Support1 888 937 8538

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