Horizon Air accepts birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs inside their cabins. You can transport other pets as well as checked baggage. Horizon Air provides cargo service for larger pets. Pets need to be at least eight weeks old. Horizon Air charges 100 USD for accepting pets on their flights. Service dogs travel for free on Horizon Air. But emotional support pets are not accepted by them anymore.

Horizon Air Pet Policy: An Overview

Pets in the cabinAllowed
Pets as checked baggageAllowed
Pets ageEight weeks
Pets allowedBirds, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs
Charges100 USD
Service dogsAllowed for free
Emotional support petsNot allowed

Pets Age

Pets should be at least eight weeks of age to be brought on Horizon Air flights.

Pets In The Cabin

Pet cats, dogs, birds and rabbits can be taken inside the cabins of Horizon Air flights. The weight of the container, including the pet, should not exceed 9 kg or 20 lbs.

Pets As Checked Baggage

You can transport the below-mentioned pets as checked baggage with Horizon Air:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Tropical fish
  • Ferrets
  • Household birds
  • Potbellied pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Non-poisonous reptiles

The container, including the pet, should not weigh over 68 kg or 150 lbs.


If the pet is too big to be transported as checked baggage, you can transport it via their cargo department.

Container Requirements

  • You can only take two pets from the same family in a single container when you purchase at least two tickets.
  • The container should have holes for ventilation.
  • The pet should feel comfortable inside the container.
  • The ground of the container should be leak-proof.
  • Rigid containers are preferable for transporting pets as checked baggage.

Container Dimensions

Hard-sided17 inches11 inches7.5 inches
Soft-sided17 inches11 inches9.5 inches
Hard-Sided (Pets as checked baggage)30 inches27 inches40 inches


Horizon Air charges 100 USD for accepting pets in the cabin or as checked baggage.

Required Documents

You have to bring documents as per the requirements of the destination port. Horizon Air does not demand any specific documents from travelers with pets.

Aircraft Restrictions

Business classes can hold only one pet, and economy classes can hold up to 5 pets.

Destination Restrictions

Horizon Air does not transport birds to Hawaii.

Temperature Restrictions

Horizon Air may not accept pets if the temperatures at the departure and destination ports are less than or over a safe level.

Service Dogs

Horizon Air accepts service dogs adequately trained to assist people with special needs. Service dogs travel for free.

Emotional Support Pets

Horizon Air does not accept emotional support pets anymore.


Make your reservations as early as possible, as a limited number of slots are available for pets.


Check with at least one hour in hand when traveling with a pet.


  • Contact the destination port authority to learn about specific document requirements.
  • Take the pet to the veterinarian before the flight.
  • Take the pet to a pet relief area before checking in.
  • Provide water and food inside the container.


Does Horizon Air allow dogs?

Horizon Air allows travelers to bring their dogs inside the cabins or transport them as checked baggage.

Does Horizon Air provide any cargo service for pets?

Horizon Air provides cargo facilities for pets. Pets that are too big to be transported as checked baggage can be transported as cargo.

How much does Horizon Air charge for pets?

Horizon Air charges 100 USD for each pet on every flight.

Does Horizon Air allow service dogs?

Horizon Air allows trained service dogs to accompany people with special needs. Horizon Air does not charge anything for accepting service dogs.

Does Horizon Air allow emotional support pets?

Horizon Air does not allow emotional support pets on their flights.

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