Republic Airways is an American air carrier that works trips for several air carriers. The carrier’s animal legislation depends greatly just on the flight. So passengers will need to know through which carrier they will be traveling and then comply with the regulations as per the demands of that airline.

Link to the partner airlines’ pet policies will be given below.

Republic Air Pet Travel Options

Republic Airways offers passengers with pets two options :

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ❌

Pets in the cabin

Pets can stay inside the cabin with their owners if they can be placed under the seat.

Container requirements for pets in the cabin

  • Containers should be of a size that can be accommodated easily under the seat.
  • Pets should be within the crate through every part of the flight like airport, boarding and while on the air.
  • Individual seats will not be supplied for the pet.

Container dimensions for pets in the cabin

18 inches13.5 inches10 inches

Pets as checked baggage

In events that the pet is too large to accommodate under the seat, then it may be shipped as checked baggage.

Container requirements for pets as checked baggage

  • The highest container diameter acknowledged as holding luggage on Federal state trips is the 400 series container.

Container amount limited per flight

Large crate1
Small or Medium crate2


Passengers are accountable for supplying a legitimate medical certificate as well as any other paperwork that may be considered necessary.

Links to the partners of Republic Airways

American AirlinesDelta AirlinesUnited Airlines

How to add a pet to Republic Airways?

  1. Confirm if your pet can be inside of the cabin or it must travel as checked baggage.
  2. Purchase a suitable container.
  3. Prepare the documents as per the requirements of your target location.
  4. Check in with some time on hand.
  5. Fly with your pet.


  • Because the dog might very well dislike traveling, it’s a smart option to just get him accustomed to the new idea through having taken him on either a brief trip as well as placing him in a dog ship for the next few hours at a stretch. It will assist him in becoming used to the ideas to make him feel much safer and more at ease whenever the time comes for you 2 to embark on your excursion.
  • What would you get the dog to enjoy to be in a small, confined ship or dog box? Begin by trying to feed the dog in the bearer if you’re in a familiar environment, such as at residence. Put snacks in the bearer once the dog isn’t going to look so he or she might find those. The goal is for the dog to develop a significant relation with it in the bearer.
  • Regardless of whether the dog has been in the compartment with friends or even in the carry, he or she might most likely need to relieve himself or herself as soon as you arrive. If you can’t carry the dog to a suitable location as quickly as you’re on the surface, set down a pad and then let the dog relieve himself somewhere.
  • Air travel with furry friend globally is a completely different story! You must learn about trade restrictions, quarantine, and vaccination prerequisites. When returning to the United States, there are extra conditions based on the nation from which you are traveling. To gain more knowledge, we recommend doing some research online and calling the air carrier.


What container size does Republic Airways require for pets?

The required container size for pets in the cabin is 18 inches * 13.5 inches * 10 inches. They accept 400 series containers for pets as checked baggage.

What are the partner airlines of Republic Airways?

Delta, United and American Airlines are partners of Republic Airways.

Do Republic Airways allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, Republic Airways accepts pets in the cabin if they can be accommodated under the seat.

Do Republic Airways allow pets as checked baggage?

Yes, In events that the pet is too large to accommodate under the seat, then it may be shipped as checked baggage.

Republic Airways Contact Details

Telephone317 484 6000
Email[email protected]

Republic Airways Short Info

Airlines NameRepublic Airways
WebsiteRepublic Air
Social Media PagesFacebook


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