Copa Airlines have a fairly straightforward policy for pet transportation. Either they can fly inside of the cabin or as checked baggage. The owner must be in the same flight as the pet in both cases.

No animals other than cats and dogs are acknowledged by Copa Airlines. The transport of rabbits is specifically unacceptable. The charges are 125 USD for pets as checked baggage on international flights and only 25 USD for internal flights.

They have no specific destination restrictions in place. But they comply with the restrictions put in place by destination countries. So make sure to consult with your destination country’s embassy to abide by all rules and regulations and avoid complications on the flight day.

Copa Pet Travel Options

Copa Airlines offers you an option if you are trying to travel with your pet.

  1. Pets in the cabin (Carry-on Pets)
  2. Pets as checked baggage.
  3. Cargo

Pets in the cabin

Pets that are allowed inside of the cabin

Small dogsCats
  • Rabbits are not accepted.
  • Pets are permitted to be transported on transatlantic flights from Monday to Friday. Internal flights in Panama are permitted on a daily basis as long as users do not have an intercontinental linkage on their journey.
  • Kids under the age of 11 are still not permitted to move with animals.

Charges for pets in the cabin

Multinational Trips147 to 166 CAD
National trips29 to 33 CAD
  • The charges shown above include sales taxes.
  • The circumstances and charges for transatlantic flights will pertain to linking flights that have both international and domestic flights.

Other regulations for pets in the cabin

  • Animals that are less than 8 weeks old would not be welcomed.
  • The dog or cat and its vessel should not evaluate over 20 lbs.
  • Animals have to be non-offensive and odorless, securely contained in their own vessel, and not develop complications during the trip.
  • The traveler may nourish his or her furry friend as long as it stays within its vessel.
  • The vessel has to be spotless, leak-proof and well-ventilated and no portion of the animal must be freed or stick out.
  • During the flight, the animal should continue to stay within the vessel at all points of time.
  • Travelers trying to travel with companion animals cannot be assigned seats in the first line, those having to face a bulkhead, including those in an exit row.
  • In times of emergency, animals would not be given oxygen.

Pets as checked baggage

Ordinary regulations, container requirements and dimensions are all the same for pets in the cabin and pets as checked baggage. Only the charges are different.

Charges for pets as checked baggage

Multinational Trips125 USD
National trips25 USD


Pets that can be shipped as cargo :

  • To make certain that the pets do not have to pass the weekend in quarantine, pets are shipped only on working days of the week.
  • Pets should not age less than 2 months and more than 11 years.
  • You will have to book for cargo at least 5 days prior to the date of departure.

Container requirements

The canisters or kennels should always fulfill the minimum specifications:

  • Each vessel can only hold one animal.
  • Just one pet is permitted per traveler.
  • They should be made from steel, wood or polycarbonate and have strict or gentle sides.
  • They should be sufficient to allow the dog to usually hold, rotate, and lay on the floor.
  • They must be strong enough to keep the living creature from escaping while being handled and transported.
  • Security latching mechanisms that enable the gate to start opening without using special tools should be installed on the doors.
  • They should be ventilated through the use of gaps.
  • They should have a mechanism in place to store waste generated during the flight. It is advised to use paper and cardboard or a plate positioned on the cage’s surface.
  • Commuters are liable for both containing and attempting to remove their pet from its kennel.


Sturdy build17 inches13 inches7.5 inches
Gentle build18 inches11 inches11 inches


Travelers are accountable for providing all necessary information to ensure the animal’s departure and entrance, both from and to the municipalities of departing and location.

As well, if needed, the required documents for transit through a particular nation. This would include any extra or special paperwork requested by legislation and regulations of the state of departing, transshipment, and location.

Feel free to contact the relevant officials of each country to seek out what prerequisites your animal must meet.

  • On long-haul flights, the passenger should provide a medical certificate issued by the relevant agency for one‘s pet and all important documentation for entry into their first destination.
  • Travelers should give evidence of existing immunization and a medical document for internal flights inside of Panama.
  • The pet must be immunized against rabies.
  • Keep in mind that there may be limitations from/to different destinations.

Destination restrictions

There is a travel ban on animals attempting to enter the United States from elevated risk nations for dog rabies. This contains dogs having arrived from non-elevated-risk nations if the animals have spent the previous six months in an elevated risk nation.

  • Dogs can be permitted to enter with a valid CDC permit.
  • Others must have a valid rabies immunization document, Microchip, age more than 6 months and proof of good health.
  • This assessment applies to animals traveling to the US as a dog inside the compartment or as freight, Pups, service animals, and emotional comfort.

Aircraft restrictions

Only three animals are permitted in the passenger cabin for every aircraft; animals are not permitted in the executive category.

If the travel schedule contains code-sharing sections or a linkage on an air carrier apart from Copa Airlines, animals are not permitted onboard.

Commuters should make the journey with their pet on the very same plane and use a suitable kennel for its carriage.

Breed restrictions

Copa Airlines does not accept some of the cat and dog species for transport.

Dog breeds

Argentine DogoPit Bull Terrier
Canary Catch DogTosa o Tosa Ken
American Staffordshire TerrierCanary
Cane CorsoEnglish Bulldog
Brazilian Fila

Cat breeds

Exotic Shorthair catHimalayan cat
Persian CatBurmese cat

Some brachycephalic breeds also require additional care

Bull TerrierBullmastiffBulldog Francés
Chin JaponésDogo de BurdeosBichon Principal
Pug HolandésChow chowCarlino Mastiff
Cavalier King Charles SpanielBoston TerrierMastiff / Mastin Napolitano
MaltesePequinésGriffon de Bruselas
BoxerLhasa ApsoPug pequinés
Pug o CarlinoSpaniel TibetanoShar Pei
Staffordshire Bull TerrierShih TzuPug Japones
Toy Spaniel InglésYorkshire TerrierStaffordshire

Service animals and emotional support pets

Copa Airlines acknowledges service as well as psychological support animals in the form of dogs. Assistance and therapy animals complimenting travelers with handicaps or mental needs are welcome on deck at no extra charge.

  • On any and all route options, guide dogs are welcome.
  • Emotional comfort dogs are now only permitted on route options in which the nation’s rules and regs specifically permit them.
  • The dog should be seated on the floor directly next to your reserved seat. It might not consider taking up much room in the hallways. If the dog is just no bigger than a newborn, it may rest on your hands.
  • If indeed the dog is just too large to fit at one’s legs, Copa Airlines would then, if feasible, assign a position with more space. If it is not possible, you can buy an extra position to have more floor capacity to house the dog or in front of next to your chair, but not on the chairs.
  • It is not permitted to sit near the exit door.
  • The dog should accompany you at any and all points of time.
  • Animals may be rejected transport services if they have a foul odor, exhibit horrible conduct such as yapping, snarling, attempting to attack other travelers, or are unable to control their needs.
  • When it does not meet the needs of the nation of origin-destination. The traveler must bear any expenses involved with booking changes when it does not fulfill the requirements mentioned above.
  • Traveling with assistance or moral support dog and a pet inside the cabin is not permitted.

If you have a connecting flight with some other air carrier, you should ask them directly to learn about their assistance and moral support animal travel policies.

Documents for service animals

  • Recognition proves the dog’s status as a support animal.
  • Legitimate vaccination documentation and a credential of good health are required.
  • Any documents required for entry into the target country.
  • Form for transportation of assistance as well as moral support dogs :

Documents for emotional support animals

  • A psychiatrist-issued healthcare report declaring that you do have an emotional or mental impairment and require an assistance dog while flying or at your final destination.
  • Legitimate vaccination documentation and a credential of good health are required.
  • Any documents required for entry into the target country.
  • Fill out the Terms of Service form for assistance and moral support dogs travel and carry 2 copies to the departure gate on the day of departing.


To make sure space for the animal, please call their Customer Departments or Bookings Facility at least 48 hours well before flight departing or when purchasing your ticket.

How to add a pet to my flight on Copa Airlines?

  1. Consult with the embassy of your target location and verify there are no restrictions upon your travel.
  2. You may book for your pet 15 days or 5 days in advance. In emergency cases, they may consider reservations 2 days prior to the flight.
  3. Complete all paperwork.
  4. Visit your vet to check for your pet’s health.
  5. Purchase a suitable container and make your pet used to that.
  6. Plan some extra time on hand if you have transit.


  • The pet could require a veterinarian-signed medical certificate based on the vacation plans. The above report certifies that the animal has been examined and meets all of the prerequisites for travel. Schedule an arrangement with your veterinarian prior to actually booking your commercial flight with animals. It is a great chance for the veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s wellbeing and for you all to ask for clarification you may have about moving with your animal. You might want to talk about possible prescription drugs or ways to reduce stress.
  • The US Agriculture department only allows individuals to fly with thier animals if they are at least 8 weeks old, acclimatized, and in decent shape. However, airlines are free to establish their own pet policies, and some provinces, regions, and nations may well have supplemental pet rules and regs. It is prudent to formulate a strategy and be prepared for these constraints. Reacquaint yourself with the necessary customs and certificates for your desired location.
  • Realizing the furry friend has a computer chip can be life-saving if both you and the pet become separated while traveling. The vet or housing will almost certainly scan the animal for a computer chip that will give others the contact details. If your pet hasn’t already been microchipped, speak to your doc about getting first before you leave. If the pet already is chipped, make sure the computer chip is up-to-date with your present name and address.
  • It is critical to keep the animal nourished. Some experts advise not offering the pet liquid within 4 hours of the flight to avert mishaps. Allow the dog one other walk prior to boarding to allow him to vacant his urethra.


Are dogs allowed on Copa Airlines?

Yes, small dogs are allowed to travel by Copa Airlines. But some aggressive and brachycephalic dog breeds are restricted from traveling by them. Bull Terriers and Chin Japonés are examples.

Does Copa Airlines allow service and emotional support animals?

Yes, Copa Airlines only accepts dogs as assistance and mental help animals. No additional fees are charged for them and they are allowed to travel on all routes unless some specific rules by the destination country are in place.

When should I book for my pet on Copa Airlines?

You may book for your pet 15 days or 5 days in advance. In emergency cases, they may consider reservations 2 days prior to the flight.

What are the charges for pets on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines charges 149 to 166 CAD for pets in the cabin on international flights and 29 to 33 CAD for the internal flights. They also charge 125 USD for pets as checked baggage on multinational flights and only 25 USD for internal ones.

Copa Airlines Contact details

Argentina0800 800 2672
Canada1 647 493 5022
Panama217 COPA (2672)
United States1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
Mexico(5255) 1516 3319

Copa Short Information

Airlines nameCopa Airlines
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