Yes, Air Europa recognizes and accepts service dogs on all of their routes. Generally, only one service dog is allowed per traveler. But if your flight is to or from the United States, you can take an extra service dog with you (make sure to consult with them about this before actually taking the extra one). Service dogs are accepted for free on Air Europa. They do not require any specific documents for service dogs at the moment. But you have to prepare the documents as per the requirements of the destination country.

General Guidelines Regarding Service Dogs On Air Europa

  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • The service dog should be properly trained so that it can assist the traveler with his/her disability.
  • Guide dogs, signal dogs and medical assistance dogs are also considered as service dogs. But they also need to be legally trained.
  • Service dogs on Air Europa travel for free.

Seating Arrangements

  • Service dogs stay inside of the cabins on Air Europa.
  • You can keep the dog in your lap if it is small enough to stay there.
  • You can even keep the dog on the floor next to your chair.
  • But the dog can never cause any hindrance in the walking of other travelers or staff.

Required Documents

Animals used as guide dogs must be properly documented. Before departure, all documentation demonstrating conformity with the immigration and health regulations of the nations of passage and destination is also required. If supporting documentation is lacking, the dog’s transportation will be liable to the same restrictions as apply to the transportation of regular pets.

Some general documents are :

  • Pet passport
  • Health certificate
  • Certificate of training
  • Vaccination documents

If your flight is to or from the United States, You have to complete and submit the DOT forms as well.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are not considered as service dogs, so they are not accepted on Air Europa.

Service Dogs In Training

Service dogs in training are not trained enough yet to assist the traveler. So, they can not travel with the benefits of service dogs.

Companionship Animals

Companionship animals are not considered as service dogs by Air Europa.

Comfort Animals

Comfort animals are just like emotional support animals. So, they are not accepted on Air Europa either.

Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs that are properly trained to assist people or organizations to find missing people or things are accepted by Air Europa.


You have to let Air Europa know about your service dog at least 2 days before the scheduled departure of the flight if you are bringing with you any. You can do so by contacting their customer support.


Make sure to check in with at least 2 hours in hand to get accustomed with the environment of the plane. This will greatly help your service dog to have a calmful journey. 


Does Air Europa accept service dogs?

Yes, Air Europa accepts service dogs that are properly trained and are helping any individual with disability.

How much does Air Europa charge for service dogs?

Air Europa allows disabled travelers to bring a service dog with them for free. The traveler just has to pay for his own ticket.

Where do service dogs sit on Air Europa?

Service dogs sit on the floor next to the owner’s chair on Air Europa.

Does Air Europa accept emotional support pets?

No, emotional support pets are not recognized by Air Europa. So, they are not welcomed on board.

Contact Details

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