By requiring advance paperwork for Service Animals, Delta Airlines is taking action that will further safeguard its travelers, workers, and support and assistance animals. This is due to a lack of regulations that have resulted in significant safety dangers when inexperienced pets are inside the aircraft. The revised guidelines uphold Delta’s top objective of protecting the safety of its travelers, staff, and trained service and assistance animals, as well as the freedom of clients with justifiable needs, such as handicapped servicemen, to fly with trained dogs.

On January 11, Delta announced its revised policy regarding service animals reacting to the new regulations made by the DOT. In its new regulations, DOT announced that airlines were now not bound to treat Emotional Support Animals in the way as Service Animals.

Does Delta allow Emotional Support Animals in their cabins?

Delta no longer recognizes Emotional Support Animals. So, travelers can no longer take their emotional support pets with them while flying by Delta. They can either take trained service animals with them or they should make their emotional support animals go through the training process to make them certified Service Animals. But the catch is, that the pet must be a dog to be a service animal that Delta recognizes. Besides, your Emotional Support Animal can still travel as a normal pet with you if you pay the required fees.

Now, let’s look at Delta‚Äôs policy regarding service animals.


Does Delta Airlines now allow Emotional Support Animals?

As of March 1, 2021, Delta has stopped recognizing Emotional Support Animals as Service animals. So, Emotional Support Animals can no longer fly with Delta Airlines. Only trained Service Dogs accompanying a traveler with a disability can travel by Delta Airlines.

How much do Delta charges for Service Dogs?

Delta allows Service Dogs to accompany their owners inside their cabins for free. So, travelers no need to pay any charges for their Service Dogs while flying by Delta Airlines.

Can Emotional Support Animals now fly as normal pets with Delta?

Although Delta now does not accept Emotional Support Animals at all, ESAs can still travel by Delta as normal pets. But make sure the type of your pet is accepted by Delta Airlines inside their cabins.

How strict is Delta with pets?

Delta has a pretty straightforward pet policy for animals traveling inside their cabins. They transport approximately 700 service animals for free each day. So, their pet policy is fine. You just need to be careful with the documents that are required.

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