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Guide to Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Animal 2022

Considering numerous complaints from the aviation sector, disability rights organizations, consumers, and other interested parties over psychological, security, and wellness issues involving emotional support animals, the Government recently changed its standards. The carriers are now not bound to treat Emotional Support Animals the same way as Service Animals.

So, just like all other major airlines in the industry, Frontier has announced that they will not be allowing Emotional Support Animals in their cabins. They will continue to accept trained guide dogs who fulfill their criteria for trained service animals. Any other type of pet must travel as a normal one with their owners paying specific fees.

Emotional Support Animal policy of Frontier Airlines

From February 1, 2021, The carrier has stopped recognizing Emotional Support Animals with no documents. Travelers previously could travel without showing any valid documents with their Emotional Support Animals. They can not enjoy this service anymore. So, if you have an Emotional Support Animal and you want to travel with Frontier Airlines, then you must turn him/her into a trained Psychiatric Service Dog or travel with your pet as a normal one. There’s no other option available.

Service Animal policy of Frontier Airlines

Only canines that have been trained to carry out duties or follow instructions for the assistance of an authorized handicapped person will be approved as service animals. Psychological service animals are included in this.

Here are the updated regulations for taking a certified service animal on a flight:

  • Frontier will allow only canines trained as guide dogs inside their cabins.
  • Psychiatric service canines that have completed their training are acceptable guide dogs on Frontier.
  • Frontier allows a maximum of two guide dogs to fly with a single guest with a handicap.
  • Comfort pets, domestic pets, and all other quasi-living creatures will not be accepted as guide dogs by Frontier.
  • In the terminal and on board the airplane, a trained guide dog must always be under the owner’s control by means of a collar, tether, or leash, and it needs to be educated to act appropriately in public.
  • Frontier would not welcome training guide dogs.
  • A certified assistance animal may not board if it exhibits misbehaviour or directly endangers the safety and wellbeing of other passengers.

Service Animals on the aircraft

The qualified and trained dog should be placed in compliance with federal security requirements in order to not impede passengers’ quick escape in the rare case of an emergency. A customer who is flying with a certified assistance animal is also not permitted to seat in the row for emergency evacuation. A certified guide dog may sit on the passenger’s lap or even the airplane ground.

Trained guide dogs are not allowed to intrude on other passengers’ seats, take an open seat, or stretch into the airplane corridor. A qualified and trained dog is not needed to be transported in a dog crate by the customer. If a passenger chooses to travel with a trained guide dog in a dog crate, the carrier needs to be securely stored for the takeoff, departure, and touchdown somewhere under the passenger’s seat.

Documents required for Service Animals

The DOT’s Guide Dog Air Travel Application, evidencing to the dog’s health, certification, and temperament, must be filled out and submitted by air travelers with a guide dog.

Travelers must turn in the signed Form earlier than 2 days prior to travel for bookings made and over 48 hours in advance. Travelers must present the completed Form to a Sales Associate in person at the terminal for reservations made just under 48 hours before departure.

Destination restrictions for Service Animals

All internal and overseas trips will enable the transportation of certified service animals, however many international locations have country-specific rules. Travelers who are taking a trained guide dog on a trip overseas are completely responsible for learning about and abiding by any local rules, regulations, and/or protocols that may apply in each nation they will be visiting.

Booking for Service Animals

Passengers must submit the full Guide Dog Air Travel Application and indication that they want to fly with a certified service animal no earlier than 48 hours in advance. Trained dogs are an option for the future travelling special requests. A guest can modify their booking online for already-booked trip. The pet might well be allowed to travel in compliance with their Pet Policy for a charge when it does not fulfil the criteria to fly as a trained assistance animal.


Does Frontier allow Emotional Support Animals?

With their Emotional Support Animals, travelers used to be able to board flights without presenting any identification. They are no longer able to use this service. Therefore, if you have an emotional support animal and wish to fly with Frontier Airlines, you must train it to be a trained psychiatric service dog or bring it along as a regular pet. There isn’t any other choice.

Does Frontier allow Service Animals?

Emotional support animals will not be permitted in Frontier’s cabins, the company has announced. Guide dogs that meet their standards for trained service animals will still be accepted. Any other kind of pet must travel with its owner paying additional fees and must be treated like a regular pet.

Which documents are needed for Service Animals on Frontier?

Air travelers with guide dogs are required to complete and submit the DOT’s Guide Dog Air Travel Application, which provides documentation of the dog’s certification, temperament, and health. For bookings made more than 48 hours in advance, the traveler must submit the completed Form no later than 2 days before to departure. For reservations booked less than 48 hours prior to departure, the traveler must personally show the completed Form to a Sales Associate at the terminal.

Can Service Animals travel to international destination by Frontier?

All domestic and international travel will permit the transport of trained service animals, however many international destinations have nation-specific regulations.

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