Ethiopian Airlines is the country’s largest air transportation and is wholly controlled by the Ethiopian government. Ethiopian Airlines invites pets to fly onboard flights as long as registration is made well in advance, as each airplane has a finite range of pet seats. It is essential to be informed of the airline’s individual pet regulations to fully comprehend the needs and plan for your pet’s relaxing and secured flight. 

For additional details, contact (800) 445-2733

Pets in Cabin Guidelines 

  • Animals allowed in the cabin are small dogs and cats, transported in kennels that meet requirements set by the airlines. 
  • Pet Parents should reserve a place for their pet as soon as their trip arrangements are finalized, as only two pets are allowed in Economy and one in Business. 
  • To fly in the cabin, the overall mass of the animal and carriers must not exceed 17 pounds (8 kg). This option is priced at three times the regular excess charging time, depending on the size of your pet and your trip arrangements. 

Airlines pets travel cost 

A one-way fee of USD 150 / EUR 120 / GBP 110 for dogs in the passenger cabin. Ethiopian Airlines permits assistance dogs and trained dogs in the cabin at no extra charge.

Pets Age

Before flying, your animal should be at least eight weeks old and properly weaned, according to the USDA. Only well-behaved animals are allowed to board.

Carrier Dimensions

Length  WidthHeightCombined weight of the animal plus the carrier
21″ or  55 cm15″ or 40 cm8″ or 20 cm17 lbs. or 8 kg

Pets Reservation

Pet parents must enroll their pets with Ethiopian Airlines before their scheduled departure.

Restrictions and documents 

Ethiopian Airlines mandates that your beloved pet be carried in an authorized pet carrier or cargo box, as well as proof of good health.

Your physician will verify that your furry companion is fit to fly and clear of illnesses that can be transmitted to people. Ethiopian Airlines also needs you to give duplicates of any health certifications or other documentation necessary by the destination country.

Service and emotional support animal

Guide animals for the blind and deaf are welcome in the passenger cabin at no expense. The dogs must be muzzled and harnessed appropriately. Please verify with the airport where you will be traveling to see if there are any additional guidelines or rules. You must inform the aircraft offices ahead of time if you intend to travel with a Guide Dog. Before the pet may be accepted as a service dog, various provisions should be made.


Additional requirements for bringing your furry friend to Ethiopia include:

  1. ISO Microchip for Pet Identification – Not essential, but generally appreciated for pet registration. Necessary Rabies Certificate, which may be obtained from your veterinary.
  2. Diagnosis of rabies is not necessary.
  3. Domestic and foreign parasite medication is not necessary, however, it is strongly advised due to Ethiopia’s tick and infection concerns.


What is the veterinarian protocol for transporting your pet to Ethiopia?

Different factors influence live pet shipping access in Ethiopia, including the species of animal, the location, and the aircraft carrier.

Different types of pets and locations denote various situations. Indeed, each country’s immunization, veterinary procedures, and travel method for your animal are distinct.

Furthermore, administrative delays and travel processes must be adjusted to accommodate the various locations and aircraft providers.

What are the requirements for transporting your animal by Ethiopian Airlines as a carry-on?

The procedures for your pet’s passage will be altered based on the animal’s size, mass, and destination address. Numerous nations also prohibit the transport of a live animal as a carry-on.

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