No, Pets are primarily not allowed to be inside the cabins. Therefore, they must be transported your cats and dogs as checked baggage. Only service dogs can be brought inside the cabins.

Read the full article to learn about Cathay Pacific’s complete pet policy.

Travel options

  1. Carry-on pets (not allowed)
  2. Pets as checked baggage
  3. Cargo

Pets in the cabin

Cathay Pacific currently does not allow normal pets inside of their cabins.

Pets as checked baggage

If you want to accompany your pet on the same flight, then you will have to check in your pet checked baggage.

Container requirements

  • Pet containers must be hygienic, locked, escape-proof, and leak-proof, with enough ventilation holes.
  • Your pet must be capable of standing, turning around, and taking a nap on its own.
  • Bear in mind that water and food boxes are required.
  • All food containers should be fastened within the travel container or attached to it.
  • All animals should have a non-spill water container with such a sufficient supply inside that is attached to the travel crate and has external access for refilling. The water container has to be accessible on top and firmly fastened to the bottom of the transport carrier, providing the pet complete access. Water bottles with a water container connected but not within the transport carrier will not be permitted.
  • Please remember that Cathay Pacific will never accept an animal and its crate that weighs more than 32 kg or 70 lbs or has a maximum measurement of more than 203 cm or 80 inches without explicit permission.
Container dimensions

The box’s design and construction should adhere to IATA Standards. The height limit, breadth, and length must be as follows:

LengthLength from the beginning of the snout to the end of the tail plus length from the floor to the shoulder joint
WidthTwice as much of the width of its shoulders.
HeightAs from top of its skull or the tip of its ears to the ground.
Containers for dogs
  • Dog containers constructed of solid fiberglass, stiff plastic, or metal with a robust welded metal mesh are acceptable.
  • Dog kennels made of wood are not permitted.
  • Air travel is not permitted for containers constructed completely of welded mesh or wire mesh.
  • The container has to be easy for the organization to handle and safeguard them from being injured by the animals.
Containers for cats
  • Cat carriers constructed of wood, solid fiberglass, stiff plastic, or metal with such a robust welded metal mesh are acceptable.
  • Air travel is not permitted for containers constructed completely of welded mesh or wire mesh.
  • Kennels have to be easy for users to handle and safeguard them from being injured by the animals.


If you travel with your pet as check-in luggage, the conveyance price is not included in your free checked bags.

To compute transportation expenses, use the following formula

  1. Check your ticket itinerary to see if your travel route will assess luggage by piece (PC) or weight (K).
  2. To determine the transportation expenses, use the table below.

Your flight route weighs luggage:

FromZone no. OneZone no. TwoZone no. ThreeZone no. Four
Hong Kong SAR13 USD per kg20 USD per kg25 USD per kg45 USD per kg
Zone no. 115 USD per kg   

Flight route fees are calculated by piece :

FromZone no. 1Zone no. 2Zone no. 3Zone no. 4
Hong Kong SARUSD 200 per pieceUSD 260 per pieceUSD 300 per pieceUSD 400 per piece
Zone no. 1USD 240 per piece   

You may well be charged an extra cost if the combined overall weight of the pet plus its container exceeds 23kg or 50lbs or is more than 158cm or 62in.

For such a pet and its containers weighing around 23kg or 50lbs and 32kg or 70lbs and measuring less than 158cm or 62in in length :

Additional fees per baggageZone no. 1Zone no. 2 and 3Zone no. 4Zone no. 5 and 6
Hong Kong SARUSD 60USD 100USD 130USD 150
Zone no. 1USD 80   
  • There will be an extra price of USD 200 per piece for pets and their containers up to 203 cm or 80 inches in length and weighing less than 23 kg or 50 lbs.
  • If the pet’s combined weight and/or size and its crate surpasses 32 kg or 70 lbs and/or 203 cm or 80 inches, you will be billed four times the additional baggage price (per piece).
  • Charges are taken in the domestic currency equivalency.


Zone no. 1 Macao SAR, Taiwan, and China, Chinese Mainland   East Asia: Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia (in Asia)   South East Asia: Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam   Between Taiwan China and Japan/South Korea   Between Thailand and Singapore   Between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain
Zone no. 2South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives
Zone no. 3Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar
Zone no. 4South West Pacific: New Zealand, Fiji,  Australia   Europe: Czech Republic, Austria,  Finland, France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom,   Africa: South Africa
Zone no. 5North America: Canada, Mexico, United States
Zone no. 6Central and South America: Brazil, Chile, Peru

Destination restrictions

Pets traveling as checked baggage will be currently unavailable on some routes.

Hong Kong ,Jakarta, Shanghai, SurabayaNot availableTill next announcement
Hong Kong to Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, San Francisco,Can shipped via Cargo onlyTill 30 June 2022
  • The pet will also not be ready to transport as check-in baggage or cargo if any portion of your route is conducted by another airline.
  • Animals are only permitted as check-in luggage on Cathay Pacific direct flights leaving via Hong Kong.
  • Because not all countries consider pets as check-in luggage, kindly call Customer Care to verify your pet’s ability to travel in this manner.
  • Keep in mind that guide or service dogs are currently not permitted on all flights from and to the Chinese Mainland.

Breeds restrictions

There’s a few companion animals which Cathay Pacific does not accept as check-in baggage or cargo carriage for the care and security of their fellow passengers.

They however don’t accept brachycephalic breeds of pets as check-in luggage or for freight carriage owing to the health concerns that flight offers to them.

List of Brachycephalic dogs :

Cavalier King Charles SpanielBoxerEnglish Toy Spaniel
Dogue de BordeauxBrussels GriffonJapanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel)
Boston TerrierChow ChowMastiff (all breeds)
BulldogAffenpinscherLhasa Apso
Shar PeiPug (all breeds)Staffordshire Bull Terrier
PekingeseShih TzuTibetan Spaniel

Aggressive breeds of dogs :

Dogo ArgentinoAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
American Pit BullJapanese Tosa
Fila Brasileiro

Brachycephalic breeds of Cats :

Korean squirrelBurmese
British shorthairPersian cat
Exotic shorthairSphynx cat
Scottish FoldHimalayan cat

Service dogs

Please remember that a guide or service dog only can fly on a Cathay Pacific flight if it is credentialed either by Assistance Dogs International or Assistance Dogs Europe. Furthermore, they accept guide dogs that have been recognized by the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF).

  • If you want to fly with a service dog on a trip segment that is expected to last 8 hours or longer, please inform their local bookings department or your tour operator at least 48 hours before your journey.
  • To begin, confirm that your guide/assistance dog is accredited* and follows all of the standards established by the place you wish to visit, which differ by country.
  • If you are flying into or transiting through Hong Kong with your dog, you must first get a Special Permit from the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD). In addition to the permission, the AFCD can grant official clearance for your guide/assistance dog to accompany you in the cabin. For further information, contact the Customer Care team, who can walk you through the steps.
  • Please notify their local bookings office as well beforehand of your journey date as possible if you hope to carry your guide/assistance dog on board.
  • Prepare original copies of any documents allowing your guide or service dog to accompany you to the terminal. Whenever you check-in and when you reach your location, you must produce the necessary Whenever you check-in and when you reach at your location, you must produce the necessary Whenever you check-in and when you reach at your location, you must produce the necessary documentation.
  • If you’ve a larger dog, it should sit at your feet during the flight, while a smaller dog can sit on your lap. It must be adequately leashed or harnessed the whole journey, and you’ll be accountable for the aircraft’s health and cleanliness in case your dog wants to discharge itself.


Make sure to contact the bookings office at least 48 hours prior to your trip to secure your pet’s seat. You will be required to give the following information:

  1. The combined mass of the animal and its carrier.
  1. Containers dimensions, composition, and manufacture.
  1. Appropriate medical and immunization certificates, entrance licenses, and other documentation necessary by the nation of entrance or transit (read about these requirements on the IATA Travel Center site’s Immigration, Finance, and Terminal information section).
  1. Kindly ensure your animal is fit and well-hydrated before you go. If the entire trip duration is more than 12 hours, you should give water for your pet and ensure that their drinks container is not overloaded.


Do arrive at the airport at least 3 hours ahead of your departure and check-in. Make certain that the animal is in its carrier and that you have all of your appropriate pet travel paperwork on hand.

After check-in

  1. After the pet has just been checked in, it’ll be put into the airplane’s baggage bulk compartment.

2. The Kennel for your pet will also be tightly secured. They will ensure that the temperature is exactly correct and that there is proper ventilation.

3. The pet will be handled as special luggage upon landing, and you will be reunited as quickly as possible.

How to add a pet to my flight?

  1. Contact a registered agent at least three days prior to your preferred flying date.
  2. Give the agent any details about your pet that is requested, as well as any documentation needed by your port of destination.
  3. Continuously communicate with your agent and make certain that the booking procedure is finished according to your standards.
  4. Caution should be exercised while purchasing the container.
  5. Check-in at least 2 – 3 hours ahead of your scheduled departure time.


  • In the event of an accident, your carrier will most likely come with a detachable sherpa lining that can be hand cleaned. It not only makes cleaning easier, but it also keeps a fine new pet container from becoming destroyed.
  • You’ll require your dog’s medical files if you want to cross the border or travel abroad. These are required to demonstrate that your dog is fit and immunized. Officials will request to view documents, and depending as to who you work with, they will either retain the original versions or create a duplicate. Furthermore, if you need to see a new vet in another country, you’ll be capable of supplying them with your pet’s medical history.
  • When traveling, especially abroad, it is usually a good idea to double-check, if not triple-check, the airline’s pet policy. Policies are continually changing, as are the rules. You want to be confident that both you and your dog are welcomed on that flight. When flying with a dog, you should usually check the company’s website, phone them, and send an email affirmation.
  • It’s helpful if your dog knows a few tricks when you hit the road. Basic instructions such as “sit” and “stay” will make it easier to manage a dog when traveling. A well-trained dog may well be left in a hotel suite or apartment for the next few hours while you’re out to eat or visit a museum.


Is Cathay pet friendly?

Dogs and cats are not allowed by Cathay Pacific inside of their cabins. However, they can be transported as checked baggage. Cathay Pacific has got some minimal rules and regulations regarding this.

Can my dog fly with me on Cathay Pacific?

Dogs are not allowed to be inside of the cabin of Cathay Pacific. However, if you are planning to accompany your dog, you may very well do so by bringing them on board as checked baggage.

How much does Cathay Pacific charge for pets?

Charges depend on the weight of the pet including its container and also on the zone you are traveling to. But usually, the charges are from 60 USD to 150 USD. Additional fees may apply if the container size and weight exceed certain amounts.

How do I fly with my pet on Cathay Pacific?

Contact a registered agent at least three days prior to your preferred flying date. Give the agent any details about your pet that is requested, as well as any documentation needed by your port of destination. Continuously communicate with your agent and make certain that the booking procedure is finished according to your standards. Caution should be exercised while purchasing the container.

Cathay Pacific Contact details

Whatsapp+852 2747 2747
United States1 (833) 933 2244
Canada1 (833) 895-3535
Hong Kong+852 2747 3333

Cathay Short Profile

Airlines NameCathay Pacific
WebsiteCathay Pacific
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