Avianca Airlines allows small dogs, cats, and birds inside the cabin. It is a pet-friendly carrier and they accept a variety of pets in both the cabin and the hold.

Avianca Pet Travel Options

  1. Pets in cabin (Carry-on Pets)
  2. Cargo Hold

Pets in Cabin Guidelines

  • Dogs, cats, and small decorative birds are welcome.
  • It must be a maximum of 10 kilos, including the weight of the case.
  • Its maximum altitude should be no more than 20 cm.
  • Keep it in a water-resistant cloth case with perforations.
  • There is a limit of one pet per passenger per row on the airplane
  • Two animals are not permitted in the same aisle unless they are members of the same family.
  • Rare birds, classified or invasive species, and other animals are not permitted to be carried as luggage in the aircraft or the hold.

Avianca Airlines pets travel cost

FlightsTravel cost
Within Colombia*COP 145.000
Within Ecuador*USD 70
From/to the United States and Canada to Central AmericaUSD 160
From/to the United States and Canada to South AmericaUSD 165
From/to Central America to South AmericaUSD 170
Between Central AmericaUSD 170
Between South AmericaUSD 220
From/to Mexico to Latin AmericaUSD 160
From/to the Caribbean to Latin AmericaUSD 160

Pets Age

  • All pets traveling by plane should be at least eight weeks of age.
  • All pets (with their carriers) must be under the weight of 8 kilograms (17.6 lbs.)

Carrier Dimensions

Length (in.)  Width(in.)Height(in.)Combined weight of the animal plus the carrier (pounds)


Aggressive animals which may cause trouble to other travelers are not permitted to fly in the cabin and must be transferred in the cargo. The passenger will be responsible for the charges of this adjustment.

For trips in and out of Aruba and Curacao, this facility is not accessible. But that’s only if you are permanently relocating to Curacao.

If the aviation authorities, veterinary health officials, and Avianca believe the companion does not fulfill compliance with legal and regulatory standards for flying, they have the right to reject entrance or transportation.


  • Only an immunization card is required for flights inside Colombia.
  • On foreign flights, pets must adhere to the regulations of the region to which they are traveling. A Health Services Assessment Certificate is required for all pets.
  • All animals must be brought in for a thorough examination.
  • You must provide a travel clearance certificate by the medical authorities in your country of origin

Pet reservation 

You can book and pay for your pet’s place at our sales offices, contact centers, or travel agencies. You can also book and pay for your pet’s space at the airport on the day of your journey, but we cannot guarantee service because capacity is limited per flight.

Service Dog

You need to provide proof from a licensed therapist proving your need for an assistance dog while traveling. This statement’s issuing period must be just under a year before the airline’s scheduled departure.

Pets that have been carefully schooled to assist people with impairments are permitted in the cabin without the need for a case if their owner is in complete control of them at all times.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Avianca no longer accepts emotional support animals but ESA will be considered as a normal pet.


  1. We highly advise you to do the following steps:
  2. A length greater than the uniform size should be used for the pet enclosure.
  3. All walls and ceilings of the pet kennel should be ventilated.
  4. Place your pet in the container a few days before your journey to acquaint it with it.
  5. To guarantee that the maximal pet restriction per trip is not reached, request the service as far ahead of your travel as feasible.
  6. If you’re traveling with a different airline, make sure to double-check the service.
  7. Adhere with the country of origin and/or destination’s animal travel bans.


Is there a restriction on the maximum of animals permitted in the cabin on each trip with Avianca?

Yes, call Avianca’s helpline as much in ahead of time to arrange pet care.

What are the Avianca pet travel requirements?

Cats and dogs are allowed to ride in the cabin with Avianca. Exotic birds are expected to fly in the cabin when commuting inside Colombia. Roosters are required to travel in the cargo. Avianca allows pets that are at least 8 weeks old to fly with them.

In Avianca Airlines, how much does it cost to fly with an Emotional Support/Service Animal?

Service and support dogs are eligible for travel free of cost.

At Glance

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