Yes, KLM allows disabled people to bring service dogs with them onboard. One traveler can have one service dog with him/her. Service dogs travel totally free on KLM. But the dog has to be properly trained and you have to show proof of its training. If the training certificate is not valid, you can be rejected to get onboard. They allow mental support dogs onboard on flights to and from the United States.

General Guidelines Regarding Service Dogs On KLM

  • KLM allows only trained service animals onboard.
  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • Service dogs travel for free.
  • If the dog does not behave appropriately in public, it will not be allowed to get on board.

Seating Arrangements

  • The dog can not block the aisle.
  • While traveling with a service dog, you can not book any seats in the emergency exit row.
  • The dog should wear a harness for the duration of flight. Make sure to tie the harness with your seat.
  • The service dog can travel inside the luggage hold if you bring a suitable container with you.
  • If the flight is longer than 8 hours, they will need assurance that you can maintain the dog’s sanitation.

Required Documents

We advise you to speak with the local officials of the departure, transit, and destination nations to ensure you don’t encounter any problems. They can provide you with information on the most recent guidelines for assistance dogs when it comes to travel, relocation, and border crossings.

Some common documents are :

  • Vaccination documents
  • Training certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Pet passport

If you are traveling to the United States, you have to fill out this DOT form as well and bring it with you while checking it.

Mental Support Dogs

Mental support dogs are permitted on flights to and from the United States only. All regulations regarding service dogs will apply to mental support dogs as well.


To bring any service dog on KLM, you have to fill out this form and send it to the email address provided below. Make sure to complete this at least 2 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.


Make sure to complete all immigration formalities with some time in hand. So that you and your dog can enjoy the trip without any difficulties.


Does KLM allow service dogs on flight?

Yes, Service Dogs are allowed to get onboard with people who need assistance.

How much does KLM charge for service dogs?

KLM charges nothing for allowing service dogs onboard. Legally trained Service dogs travel for absolutely free on KLM.

Can I have my service dog in the luggage hold on KLM?

Yes, KLM allows people to have their service dogs in the luggage hold. But, they have to provide a suitable container for that.

Does KLM allow mental support animals?

Yes, KLM allows mental support animals on flights to and from the United States only. Only dogs are regarded as mental support animals.

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