Yes, Service dogs are accepted by Norwegian airlines that are assisting travelers with disabilities. They accept one service dog but should allow two for flights to and from the United States. Norwegian allows service dogs to travel for free on their flights. Only verbal assurance is enough for them unless the destination country requires some specific documents or credentials. Norwegian accepts service dogs in training as well as Police, search, and rescue dogs.

General Guidelines

  • Norwegian allows service dogs to travel for free.
  • Service dogs can travel inside the cabins or in the hold.

Seating Arrangements

  • They will provide you with a suitable chair so that you can easily accommodate your service dog.
  • While on air, the service dog should be easily identifiable via some collar or vest.

Required Documents

It is solely the service dog’s owner’s responsibility to learn about the specific document requirements for the desired nation and make sure all the documents are valid.

Norwegian does not require travelers to show any physical documents for the service dog if he/she can assure them by giving verbal assurance. If verbal assurance is not enough, then you must show documents that will prove that the dog is actually a service dog.

You have to fulfill these requirements if you are traveling with your service dog to England.

Different rules are set by different European Union countries for service dogs. If you are traveling to one of the EU countries, then you have to personally contact them and learn about their requirements for the service dog.

Breed Restrictions

Some snub-nosed dogs can face breathing problems while on air. If your service dog is a brachycephalic dog, then you must consult with your vet about the flight. You have to assure the Norwegian that you have consulted with the vet and the vet has given a green signal for the dog to fly.

Service Dogs In Training

Just like trained service dogs, service dogs in training can also fly with Norwegian for free.

Police and search and rescue dogs

Police and search and rescue dogs can also enjoy the facilities that are provided for the service dogs.


You can book for the service dog while purchasing your own ticket. You can do so via online or by contacting their customer service. You have to let them know at least two days before the date of the flight.


You have to check in at least 1 hour before the flight if you have a service dog.


Does Norwegian accept service dogs?

Yes, Norwegian Airlines accepts service dogs that are with travelers with handicaps.

Do you have to pay for your service dog in Norwegian?

No, Norwegian allows service dogs onboard for free.

Does Norwegian allow service dogs in training?

Yes, Norwegian allows service dogs in training to fly for free, just like trained service dogs.

Do Norwegian fly service dogs on hold?

Yes, you can have your service dogs in the aircraft’s luggage compartment on certain routes.

Contact Details

Call+47 21 49 00 15

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