Norwegian Airlines accepts pets in the cabin and also as checked baggage. The travel requirements are also very straightforward. So, if you are planning on flying with your pet, Norwegian can be a good option.

Fairly large dog breeds can be shipped via their cargo compartments and no breeds restrictions are there. But, you will have to sign a release form to transport brachycephalic pets.

Service animals and emotional support pets are welcome on board without any charges. But there are plenty of route-specific regulations to look after. So make sure you go through that section and understand the rules first. Deep dive into Norwegian pet policy.

Norwegian Pet Travel options

You can either take your pet with you inside the cabin or transport your pet as checked baggage in the cargo hold. The requirements are different for the cabin and the cargo hold, so make sure to read them carefully.

  1. Carry-on pets
  2. As checked baggage

Pets in the cabin

Small dogs and cats can fly in the cabin on airplanes within Schengen and/or the European Union.

  • Norwegian allows up to 2 dogs each flight inside the cabin.
  • A maximum of three extremely little pups or kitties traveling in the same crate may be registered as one animal.

Container requirements for pets in the cabin

  • Sherpa containers are recommended.
  • The box must be watertight.
  • While in the container/bag, the animal has to be able to stand, rotate around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Animals must remain in the cage for the duration of the journey.

Pets as checked baggage

On the following flights, cats and dogs are permitted in the cargo hold :

Flights from or to SvalbardFlights within Schengen and/or European Union (Excluding Ireland)

Container requirements for pets in the cargo hold

  • If the cats or dogs are well-acquainted, they can fly in the same crate. They should be of comparable size, with a maximum 14 kg per pet weight.
  • It is not authorized to travel with a dog or cat in the same container.
  • When your pet is in its container, it has to be capable of standing up, turning around, and lying in such a natural posture.
  • It must display your identity, location, and phone number.
  • It must be completely clean, composed of strong, leak-proof materials, and filled with an absorbent pad such as a comforter or absorbing foam. Welded mesh vessels are not permitted.
  • Any tires must be removed or fastened.
  • The vessel must be impenetrable. Zip ties/cable ties are required to fasten the kennel entrance.
  • It has to be well vented on all 4 corners.
  • The box apertures must be tiny enough so that the pet cannot damage itself bypassing any body part between them, while also protecting the workers from nipping or clawing.

Conditions in the hold

  • Traveling by plane may be unpleasant for pets. Please make sure your pet is accustomed and acquainted with their container well in advance of travel to reduce any growing complexity.
  • The cargo hold has the same pressure and temperature as the cabin.

Container dimensions

Pets in the cabin43 cm31 cm20 cm8 kg
Pets as checked baggage125 cm81 cm86 cm


Charges per pet for a one-way trip :

ServiceBooking OnlineBooking at the Airport
Pets in the cabin47 to 64 GBP55 to 75 GBP
Pets as checked baggage80 to 99 EUR85 to 105 EUR


  • If your canine is a flat-faced (snub-nosed) type and you still want to travel with Norwegian, you must complete a release form at verification acknowledging the hazards of air transport for your pet.
  • If you want to transport your dog from or to Svalbard, you must first obtain permission from the Norwegian Food Standards Agency.
  • Other documents should be prepared as per the requirements of the destination port.

Route restrictions

  • Dogs and cats are permitted to fly in the cargo compartment of connecting flights inside Norway via Oslo Gardermoen, Bergen Flesland, and Trondheim Værnes.
  • Your transit time among flights must be greater than one hour but less than two hours.

Service dogs

Most Norwegian flights allow service animals and service dogs in preparation to fly in the cabin for free.

It’s simple to reserve a spot for your assistance dog online or via their Contact Centre or add requests to an existing reservation. Norwegian  suggests that you register at least 48 hour in advance to ensure that they have enough room. Please keep in mind that if you are traveling with an emotional support dog, you must tell them at least 48 hours before departure.

Depending on the sort of service provided by the animal and where you have been traveling, different circumstances will apply.

Regulations for service dogs:

  • All flights, with the exception of those connecting through the United Kingdom, allow service dogs inside the cabin.
  • Service dogs are allowed in the cargo hold on direct flights inside Schengen and to or from Svalbard.
  • All direct flights can be reserved online, excluding those to or from the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, and Svalbard.
  • Bookings for flights to or from the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, and Svalbard, and connecting flights must be booked through their Contact Center.
  • Your service dog has to be immediately recognisable as such, with such an Identity card, other written evidence, a collar or markings, or believable verbal guarantees from a certified someone with special needs traveling with the dog. Keep in mind that paperwork may be sought only if the customer’s verbal guarantee is deemed untrustworthy.
  • If you want to transport your service dog from or to Svalbard, you must first obtain permission.
  • There are various methodologies whether you should be visiting the United Kingdom from some other European Union nation, a listed non-European Union country, or another unlisted country.
    • For trips to England, call Animal Aircare Company minimum 2 days prior to your flight.
    • For trips to Scotland, call Animal Reception center minimum 2 days prior to your flight.
    • For trips to Ireland, call the Animal Health Section of the DAFM minimum 2 days prior to your flight.
    • You will find the contact details below.

Regulations for police dogs

  • On all trips within Schengen, enforcement or rescue dogs are allowed inside the cabin.
  • Only nonstop flights inside Schengen as well as to Svalbard allow enforcement and search and recovery dogs inside the cargo hold.
  • All nonstop flights, save those to/from Svalbard, may be booked online.
  • Reservations for trips to and from Svalbard, as well as connecting flights, must always be booked through their Help Desk.

Check-in for service animals

  • Kindly verify together with the service dog at the check-in desk at least 1 hour prior to actual departure to ensure that they can start taking care of any needs you may have.
  • The service dog should lay or sit quietly in front of you, and you will be provided an appropriate seat.
  • Your service dog should be on duty and plainly identifiable.
  • Be present at the departure gate at least 45 minutes in advance to provide enough time to register and settle in.

Regulations for emotional support dogs

  • Only dogs are accepted as emotional support pets.
  • Emotional help dogs are only allowed inside the cabin on nonstop trips from and to the United States.
  • You must notify their help desk at least 48 hours in advance if you are traveling with such an emotional support animal.
  • Most guide dogs (including emotional help canines) must be well-trained to act in public. As a result, Norwegian Airlines are unable to take emotional help canines under the age of four months.
  • There is a limit of one emotional help dog for each traveler.
  • You are not permitted to travel any additional emotional help dogs save those that are registered to you.
  • Norwegian demands the travelers using guide dogs provide the paperwork that the dog will not have to help alleviate itself into the flight and that the dog can help ease itself in such a way which does not generate a wellness or hygiene problem on the aircraft when the flight is timetabled to last eight hours or over.
  • The emotional help dog must attend a traveler who requires this help, and current paperwork (no later beyond one year to the time of the plane’s planned actual flight) establishing the need for such a help must be submitted at check-in to travel with the animal.
  • The documents should be on a licensed healthcare specialist’s paper.


Reservations for pets can be made online or through calling Norwegian customer service.

In case you have already booked for yourself but not your pet. You can still book for your pet by calling them or online by yourself by using your surname and reservations reference.

Because there are only a limited number of animal spots available on each trip, it is advisable to book early!


Make sure you arrive at the airport early. If you’re traveling with a pet, you must check-in at least 1 hour before flight.

How to add a pet to my flight in Norwegian?

  1. Register your pet online or through their help desk 48 hours prior to the flight.
  2. Read the regulations for your desired destination.
  3. Visit your vet to make sure your pet is good to fly.
  4. Prepare the documents as per the requirements.
  5. Purchase a pet container that complies with the regulations.
  6. Check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.


  1. Whenever it relates to flying, pets are exactly like humans in that they have specific demands that must be satisfied. Carry a ball, a portable water dish, snacks, and something to nibble in your carry-on. Rubber for dogs and cat toys will come in helpful for chewing since they will assist relieve tension in their ears.
  1. After you get to the airport, you may bring your dog to the pet rest area prior to entering the lobby. Most airports have built up relief zones. Once you get to the airport, do some research and find the nearest relief area to your entrance.
  1. Keep your pet inside the container once you reach the airport checkpoint. Retrieve them immediately before your inspection begins, and put the emptied container just on the x-ray machine. Carry your pet or have them on a tether during the screening. Put your dog back into the container once you’ve passed through the checkpoint.
  1. When you get to the gate, inquire with the flight crew about boarding the plane beforehand. A few more moments may make a big impact. When the pet arrives at your seat, they will be less agitated, and you will have more time to settle down before the other travelers come.


Are Norwegian pets friendly?

Norwegian have some straightforward regulations about pet transportation. But they can always be checked for the safe transport of your pet.

How much does Norwegian charge for pets?

Norwegian charges 47 to 75 GBP for pets inside the cabin and 80 to 105 EUR for pets as checked baggage.

Does Norwegian allow service animals?

Service animals and emotional support pets can fly by Norwegian without any charges. But there are plenty of route-specific regulations to look after. So make sure you go through that section and understand the regulations first.

Does Norwegian allow dogs?

Norwegian accepts dogs inside their cabins as well as checked baggage. Dogs weighing up to 8 kg including their containers can fly inside the cabin.

Norwegian Contact details

For service dogs

Animal Aircare Company – England+44(0)1293 555580
Animal Reception Center – Scotland+44 131 317 7277
Animal Health Section of the DAFM – Ireland+353-1-6072827

Norwegian Airlines

Denmark+45 70 80 78 80
Finland+358 (0)9 231 01 600
France+33 (0) 97 07 38 001
Germany+49 (800) 589 5000
Italy+390 694 802756
Norway+47 21 49 00 15
Spain+34 902 848 080
Sweden+46 (0)770 45 77 00
Other countries+47 2149 00 15

Norwegian Short Information

Company NameNorwegian Air Shuttle
Social Media PagesFacebook



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