While traveling by Air Europa, you can take your pet inside of the cabin or take them as checked baggage. They allow you to take multiple pets in both sections.

But make sure to check out the Breeds restrictions section first to make sure your pet is not prohibited from traveling by Air Europa.

UX also has a number of destination regulations also, check them also before making your booking.

Air Europa Pet Travel Options

Depending on their breed, appearance, and mass, animals may fly onboard, in the airplane hold, or cargo.

  1. Carry-on pets
  2. As checked baggage
  3. Cargo

Pets in the cabin

Some pets are allowed to be inside the cabin. Pets aging less than 3 months will not be accepted in the cabins.

Pets that are allowed in the cabin

Short and Medium flightsLong-haul flights
Small birds (without birds of prey)
Aquarium turtlesCats
Guinea pigs
Small rabbits

Pets in the cargo hold

Only dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cargo holds.

UX Pet Cargo

In case you need to ship more than 5 pets, then contact the Air Europa Freight department by calling this number 934 90 40 38. They will let you know the in-detail information.

Container requirements

  • Between both the cabins and the hold, each passenger can have up to 5 pets with them.
  • Pets should travel in a ventilated authorized container.
  • For pets in the cabin, the highest number of animals authorized in a single container is three, provided they are of the same genus and do not exceed the limitations of the acceptable measurement.
  • For pets in the hold, The highest number of animals permitted in the same crate is two, providing they are of equal size and therefore do not weigh more than 14 kg. Animals should be habituated to being together; it increases to three if they’re in the same litter and are no older than six months.
  • Pets should be carried in rigid containers with steel doors that are certified by the IATA and are acceptable for air transport. Containers made of metal mesh or weld mesh are not authorized.
  • Dogs deemed destructive should have a muzzle suitable to their breed to avoid damaging the construction of the container or physically hurting persons who are unfamiliar with the animal and must handle them. These creatures will only be permitted in containers that are specially designed, of top quality, and strengthened.
  • In order to travel in the cargo hold, the pet and its container should not exceed 50 kg.

Container dimensions

LengthWidthHeightWeight (including the pet)
55 cm35 cm25 cm10 kg


  • Vaccination documents according to the destination country‚Äôs requirements.

Destination restrictions

  • The admission of canines from nations regarded as a significant risk for rabies into The U.S. has been temporarily halted. Any dog that has visited any of the nations designated as a significant risk for rabies inside the last six months but does not have a clearance approved by the US government will be refused entry into US territory. The person accompanying the pet will be financially accountable.

More information on these limitations, as well as how to request for a special permission, may be accessed on the US Institute for Disease Control and Prevention website. A few relevant links :

  • Pets are not accepted on flights to the United Kingdom in the cabin or as checked baggage.

Within Spanish territory

  1. The possession of a veterinary passport is not required. Passengers should, however, have an Authorized Health Card or a Certification of Decent Health obtained by an authorized vet inside 10 days before the flight’s departure date, for both outgoing and return flights.
  2. Just the rabies vaccine is compulsory in terms of immunizations, while it may be elective in certain autonomous communities.
  3. Passengers with pets under the age of three months must acquire specific permission to transport their pets.

Traveling to Spain out of a European Union member state

To introduce a cat or dog into Spain, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be identifiable by a chip or tattoo as long as it is readable.
  2. At the moment of the trip, you must be immunized for rabies with a current vaccine. The vaccine must be documented in the passport.
  3. Companion animals should travel with a European passport.
  4. Air Europa will require a specific transport authorization for pets under the age of three months.

Travel from Spain to a European Union Member State

Companion animals must be accompanied with a passport that states:

  1. They were recognized via an electronic identification or a clearly viewable tattoo, the alphanumeric id of which corresponded to the one in the passport.
  2. They have been immunized or re-immunized against rabies. When traveling to Finland, Ireland, Malta, or Norway with a dog, they should be vaccinated for Echinococcus within 120 and 24 hours before entering the target country, in addition to the obvious criteria.
  3. Animals must fly with Air Europa Cargo on flights to and from the United Kingdom.

Travel to third world countries

  1. To go to a third-world country, you first must check the criteria with the nation’s embassy or consulate, as well as the website of the appropriate Ministry.
  2. Passengers are not permitted to fly with dogs under the age of three months.

Aircraft restrictions

  • Pets are not accepted in business cabins.

On transit flights from a non-EU country :

  1. For Air Europa flights, the linking terminal has to be Madrid, since this is the first entry point with a Border Inspection Post (BIP) within Spain.
  2. The minimum connection duration must be three hours. Given that at the initial entry point into an EU nation, you need to collect the pet, go through customs for a paperwork check, and then return to check-in.

Breeds restrictions

Brachycephalic pets can only travel inside the cabin. Their weight should not exceed 10 kg including the carrier.

Dogs :

Griffon BruxelloisCane Corsican
Boxer (all breeds)American Bully
Pug (all breeds)Dogo (all breeds)
AffenpinscherLhasa Apso
Chow ChowBoston Terrier
Bulldog (all breeds)Mastiff (all breeds)
Staffordshire bull terrierCocker / Spaniel (all breeds)

Cats :

British Shorthair and PersianBirman
Exotic ShorthairHimalayan

Strong dogs :

Staffordshire Bull TerrierPit Bull Terrier
Argentine DogoRottweiler
Tosa InuAkita Inu
American Staffordshire TerrierFila Brasileiro

Pets carried in the hold which are not classified above but display most or all of the following traits should also have a muzzle :

  • Muscle mass, a muscular, robust look, athletic build, agility, vitality, and stamina.
  • Characteristics of considerable strength and bravery.
  • Hair is cut short.
  • Chest circumference of 60 cm or 23.60 inches to 80 cm or 31.50 inches, shoulders height of 50 cm or 19.60 inches to 70 cm or 27.50 inches, and weight of more than 20 kg or 44 lbs.
  • The head is voluminous, rectangular in shape, and strong, with a broad, wide cranium and strong jowls. Jaws that are large and strong; a mouth that is robust, broad, and deep.
  • The neck is broad, muscular, and short.
  • Solid, broad, wide chest has aching ribs and a short, muscular back.
  • Front legs that are parallel, straight, and sturdy, and muscular back legs that are quite lengthy and create a reasonable angle.

Air Europa Pet Flying Fee

  • Depending on the location, they can fly in the cabins for an extra cost.  The service is non-refundable. Prices may be subject to tax surcharges in some countries. You have to contact their customer care staff if you have any specific questions.

Fees for pets in the cabin

AFRICACHF 55 / USD 55  / EUR 50 / GBP 36
Long FlightsCHF 150 / USD 165  / EUR 150 / GBP 110

Fees for pets in the cargo hold

AFRICACHF 100 / USD 110  / EUR 100 / GBP 71
Long FlightsCHF 350 / USD 350  / EUR 300 / GBP 260
BALEARIC ISLANDSCHF 20 / USD 20.2  / EUR 20 / GBP 17.7

Service dogs

Only dogs are allowed to be service animals. You may ride on the plane with your assistance dog on your laps or in the foot space for free. The animal may also not infringe on the space of another traveler.


To begin the process of bringing your assistance dog, call UX Customer Service at least 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure, or immediately if booking less than 48 hours in advance.

The following documents are required for service animals. Furthermore, all paperwork demonstrating adherence with the immigration and health regulations of the transit and destination countries must be submitted prior to boarding. If you want to fly with a service dog, Air Europa will accept identity cards, collars, badges, or your trustworthy verbal assurances as proof that the dog is a guide dog. If no evidence is produced, the animal’s transportation will be subjected to the same criteria as the transportation of pets.

Only service animals will be allowed on airplanes to and from the U. S.,  In addition to the prerequisites listed above, you need submit the following forms also :


  • Traveling dogs must be escorted at all times by their masters or authorized agents. You should appear at the air terminal with plenty of time on hand to complete the relevant formalities.

How to add a pet to my flight on Air Europa?

  1. Inform Air Europa about your pet while making your reservations.
  2. Prepare your pet’s passport.
  3. Check that the container is IATA authorized.
  4. Check to see whether your pet does have a microchip implanted in its body.
  5. Consult your veterinarian.
  6. Check in at least 1 – 2 hours before your flight.


  1. Before booking your tickets, contact your airline or go to their website to find out about the in-cabin pet and carriage policies. Most airlines allow dogs weighing up to lbs to fly in-cabin as provided as they are comfy and can turn around in their container.
  2. Your airline may also demand extra proof and current vaccinations, so inquire regarding their vaccination and paperwork requirements. Most airline companies have lately begun requiring evidence of rabies vaccination at the ticket desk.
  3. If your dog has never traveled before, you should consult with your veterinarian to ensure that he or she is ready for takeoff. The veterinarian can also provide you with the essential immunizations and documentation requested by your airline. Your carrier may have particular papers for the veterinarian to fill out in some situations, so we recommend verifying the relevant documentation with your carrier prior your visit to the vet is especially important for overseas travel.

Inquire with your veterinarian about any worries you may have during your appointment. This is also an excellent moment to ask your veterinarian whether any supplements are recommended to help your dog relax throughout the trip.

  1. If you’re going overseas or have a long flight, you might want to break it up with connections each six hours or so. Most domestic & global airports feature pet relief facilities in which you can let the pup sprawl out and empty themselves, making the long flight much more bearable for your pooch.


Does Air Europa allow dogs?

Yes, Air Europa allows dogs. Although they have restrictions on some specific breeds.

What travel options Air Europa offers for pets?

Air Europa allows passengers to keep their pet companions with them inside the cabins or they can also be checked as baggage.

What are the pet transit requirements for EU countries on Air Europa?

For Air Europa flights, the linking terminal has to be Madrid, since this is the first entry point with a Border Inspection Post (BIP) within Spain.
The minimum connection duration must be three hours. Given that at the initial entry point into an EU nation, you need to collect the pet, go through customs for a paperwork check, and then return to check-in.

Does Air Europa allow service animals?

Yes, Air Europa allows service animals on board. But only dogs are accepted as service animals.

Air Europa Contact details

Spain911 401 501
Germany+ 34 911 401 501
France+33 142 650 800
United States1 844 415 39 55
Other EU offices(+ 34) 911 401 501
United Kingdom+44 (0) 20 3499 1090
Mexico+ 52 55 8789 4935

Air Europa Short Info

Airlines NameAir Europa
Website Air Europa
Social Media PagesFacebook

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