A large number of its trips allow dogs, cats, and small birds to fly in the cabin and cargo compartment of the aircraft. Their charges vary from 140 USD to 590 USD depending on whether pets are shipped through in the cabin policy or as checked baggage as well as on different routes.

There is a certain limit on the measurements of containers as well as on the weights of the pets and their kennels by which it is determined whether pets can be inside of the cabins or must be shipped as hold luggage. Service animals are allowed to travel free of charge with disabled persons. One person can have a maximum of two service animals.

Again for the security and well-being of the animal, they are not allowed to travel and hold luggage all through winter conditions.

Asiana Pet Travel Options

  1. Pets in the cabin
  2. Pets as checked baggage

Pets that are allowed for transportation

DogsCatsSmall birds

Pets that are not allowed for transportation

Pregnant animalsPets with bad smell
Aggressive dogsBirds of prey

Carry-on Pets

Travelers may bring their pets inside the cabin if the following conditions are met:

  • Every person might carry one pet inside a cage within the cabin. However, two pups or kittens below the age of six months – if a mother bird and her offspring are a pair, could also be carried around each other.
  • The animal’s combined weight, along with the kennel, does not exceed 7 kg.
  • The cage’s length, depth, and height are all smaller than 115 cm and the height can be a maximum of 21 cm in case of hard cages and 26 cm in case of soft cages.
  • Because of their own protection, animals should be maintained in their own cages, as well as they should not be chosen to take outside of their enclosures.
  • Animal containers cannot be positioned underneath the chair in Business Class (such as Business – class) seats due to chair framework as well as regulatory standards and should be positioned in some other region well with the assistance of a flight crew all through the ride, departing as well as landing.
  • When you are flying with such an animal, you should indeed sit in the assigned pet-sitting zone.

Pets as checked baggage

Travelers may bring their pets as checked baggage if the following conditions are met :

  • If the pet and its container measurements are greater in respect to be kept inside of cabins.
  • The cage’s length, depth, and height are all smaller than 285 cm and the height can be a maximum of 85 cm in both cases of hard cages and soft cages.
  • The animal’s mass is up to 45 kilograms.
  • Due to the type of airplane as well as itinerary, the amount of in-compartment, as well as checked animals, may well be limited or denied entry.

Asiana Pets Flying Fee

RoutesMaximum weight 32 kgWeighing between 32 kg to 45 kg
National Trips30,000 KRW60,000 KRW
Korea to China/Taiwan/Mongolia/Japan//Hong Kong to Korea1,40,000 KRW or 140 USD2,90,000 KRW or 290 USD
Trips inside Asia2,10,000 KRW or 210 USD4,40,000 KRW or 440 USD
From and to the United States/Oceania/Europe2,90,000 KRW or 290 USD5,90,000 KRW or 590 USD

How many pets can a passenger journey with

  • Animals Allowed inside the Compartment: Every individual traveler is permitted to carry one furry friend into the compartment and two animals as hold luggage.
  • Animals really aren’t permitted inside the compartment accompanied by kids.
  • Only one bird is permitted per traveler.

Pets Age

Animals that age less than 16 weeks or those who have been provided sedative meds are not allowed to travel.

Carrier specification

  • A latch should be installed, and the ground should be enclosed.
  • There must be enough room for the animal to sit or maneuver about easily.
  • Regarding birds, its cell should be coated with a covering throughout flying such that the animals are not seen.
  • There can’t be two animals in a single kennel.
  • (Although, two pups or kittens less than six months of age, or a pair of birds, are excluded.)
  • A sturdy substance, such as steel, timber, as well as polycarbonate, should be used to construct the enclosure.
  • The kennel can be made of fabrics if decided to bring in the inside of the compartment, but it has to be capable of maintaining its structure thanks to the chassis.
  • If indeed the enclosure somehow doesn’t meet shipping guidelines, animals are still not permitted.

Destination Restrictions

  • Whenever the target town or government’s legislation, as well as regulatory requirements, prohibit animals, they are not permitted.
  • Size limits of 32 kilograms or less might very well pertain to certain nations and states, as well as airplane travel constraints may pertain irrespective of overall size or weight.

Aircraft restrictions

  • If indeed the amount of animals surpasses the airplane’s maximum capacity, they will be denied boarding.
  • If indeed the overall length, spacing, as well as tallness of a kennel surpasses 285 centimeters, or whether the overall mass of an animal, as well as the kennel, surpasses 45 kilos, animals really aren’t permitted.
  • Bear in mind that Busan Air partner air carrier trips are not controlled straightforwardly by Asiana Airlines, so animal examination is not available.

Temperature restrictions

Again for the security and well-being of the animal, it would be prohibited from ever being shipped as hold luggage all through winter conditions.

Restricted dogs

Asiana Airlines will not accept the following breeds-

Prohibited DogsBreeds
Tosa dogsTheir crossbreeds
American Pitbull TerriersTheir crossbreeds
American Staffordshire TerriersTheir crossbreeds
Staffordshire Bull TerriersTheir crossbreeds
RottweilersTheir crossbreeds
MastiffIts mixed breed
LaikaIts mixed breed
OvtcharkaIts mixed breed
KangalIts mixed breed
Wolf dog                                      Its mixed breed
American bully, Cane CorsoIts mixed breed

Regarding the well-being as well as security concerns, pets as checked baggage transportation service of short-nosed living creatures has been phased out.


Boston TerrierBulldogDogo Argentino
Shih TzuAffenpinscherKing Charles Spaniel
MastiffBrussels GriffonBoxer
ChihuahuaChow ChowLhasa Apso
PugPresa CanarioJapanese Chin
Cane CorsoPekingeseShar Pei
English Toy SpanielDogue de BordeauxTibetan Spaniel


Silver ChinchillaBritish Shorthair,
Scottish Fold

Service Animal

As per Asiana Airlines’ policies, guide dogs for blind or hearing-impaired customers would be accepted completely for free on their journeys. An identity badge from a highly acclaimed training facility is required for pets. For extended travel connecting flights, the owner must supply food. The passenger’s support dog must be able to fly at the owner’s feet.

  • Dogs should be at least 16 weeks of age as well as carry a strap and otherwise dog collar to qualify as guide dogs.
  • Guide dogs should be thoroughly educated in the general populace and should be under the direct authority of the traveler.
  • The lane is off-limits to guide dogs.
  • For every traveler, a maximum of 2 guide animals will be permitted.
  • Whether any of the below-mentioned conditions are met, travelers trying to travel with such guide animals might well be refused entry.
    • The guide dog behaves in a way that suggests it hasn’t been sufficiently educated.
    • The guide animal barks too much or urinates in the departure lounge and/or just on the plane.
    • Bookings aren’t created at least 48 hours ahead of time.

Pets Reservation

  • Passengers trying to travel with a pet must book the seat at least 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight for national flights.
  • Passengers trying to travel with a pet must book the seat at least 48 hours prior to the departure of the flight for international flights.

Without an advance booking or notification, pets will not be allowed to travel as checked baggage.


Passengers traveling with pets must arrive at the airport well ahead of the scheduled departure time to complete check-in procedures.

How to add a per to my flight on Asiana?

  1. Confirm your reservations.
  2. Start preparing the confinement paperwork in accordance with the declared confinement arrangements.
  3. Examine the animal container conditions as well as make preparations in accordance with the rules. Show up early at the air terminal because a pet protocol is considered necessary.
  4. To obtain a confinement credential, proffer the rabies immunization certificate as well as healthcare document to the Plants and Animals Containment Organization just at flight airport.
  5. Go through the security screening and pay the service charges for your pet.


  • They’ll almost certainly have had to make allowances if the animal is big. Ensure you have all the required tickets as well as documentation. Air carriers frequently have such a section devoted to particular issues that really can assist you with these basic concerns.
  • It’s vital to comprehend the regulations for taking your dog on an airplane. When it comes to animals, every air carrier has its own set of rules. In broad sense, the animal should be at least 12 weeks of age, possess current immunization certificates, be seen in decent shape, and be given more than enough water and food for long trips.
  • Make absolutely sure the dog is comfortable inside the pet carrier he’ll be moving in advance. You could try putting the dog in his transport mechanism on a constant schedule. Allow him to become accustomed to being constrained for increasingly extended periods of time. Place the dog in the bearer and then inside of your vehicle while driving to get used to the motions of transportation.
  • While checking in for the plane, show up at least 1 hour prior than advised and inform the flight crew that you are going to travel with such an animal. If the dog isn’t residing inside the compartment with you, request employees to express to you in which the cargo space is for packing. This will help you save quite a considerable amount of time.


  1. What is Asiana Airlines’ pet acceptance policy?

    Travelers who plan to travel with pets must familiarize themselves with the registration process for goods and pets ahead of time. Animals are allowed to travel in the cabin on Asiana flights.
    Animals under the age of eight weeks, as well as those who have taken tranquilizers or sleeping medications, are expecting, have hygiene issues, or are aggressive dogs or birds, are not permitted to travel.

  2. Which animals are permitted to fly with Asiana Airlines?

    Most dogs (excluding limited dog breeds), cats, as well as birds will be accepted by Asiana Airlines.

  3. What is the maximum number of pets per passenger?

    Passengers are permitted one pet in the cabin, subject to Asiana Airlines’ regulations and limits.

  4. How much does Asiana Airlines charge for pets?

    Their charges vary from 140 USD to 590 USD depending on whether pets are shipped through in the cabin policy or as checked baggage as well as on different routes.

Asiana Contact Details

Korea1588 8000
The United States 800 227 4262
China(86) 400 650 8000
Japan(81) 3 5812 6600

Asiana Airlines Profile

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