If you are looking for the answer to the question – whether you can travel on Singapore Airlines taking your pet along, you came to the right place. The answer is “Yes, you can”. But there are some rules and restrictions which you must know before traveling with your pet(s).

Don’t worry. The rules are fairly simple and easy to abide by. In a short time, you will get to know all the rules and regulations in this article.

Although the renowned airline does not approve to keep your pet with you in the cabin, it welcomes your pet onboard as checked baggage or in cargo. That said, let’s take a look at the Singapore Airlines pet policy first.

SQ Pet Travel Options

  1. As checked baggage
  2. Cargo

Pets Allowed

If your pet is a cat or a dog, you can take them with you either as checked baggage or in cargo-only. if their species are not banned from Singapore airlines (See the banned breeds list below).

Checked baggage

You can take your pet without accompanying but there are some restrictions.

  • The pet must be at least three months old.
  • The total weight of the pet and its kennel cannot exceed 32 kg.


You can take your pet for travel with the air-conditioned comfort and the security of their cargo.


The container will be counted as additional baggage, meaning that it will not be counted as part of your free checked baggage allowance. In this case, discounted rates are not going to be available.

For all flightsThe total charge will depend on the total weight of the pet and its container.   In case of transit, additional fees may also apply.

Pets age

Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, he/she must be of at least three months of age in order to travel.

Container Checklist

The construction and design of the container must be according to the IATA Standards. The minimum height, width, and length should be according to –

LengthFrom the tip of the nose to the last of its tail + height from the ground to its elbow joint.
WidthTwice as much of the width of its shoulders.
HeightFrom the top of its head or ear tip to the floor.

Keep these things on mind while selecting the container –

  • It must be of the right size meaning your pet should feel comfortable inside the container.
  • It should have a proper ventilation system on at least three sides.
  • It should be able to hold your pet from escaping.
  • Food and water-containing systems should be able with it.
  • Separate containers should be available if you’re taking more than one pet with you.
  • Puppies and kittens from the same litter can be kept in the same container if they are of three months or older and weigh less than 14kg together.

Checklist before travel

Reservation process

Contact your local Singapore Airlines Agency at least two weeks before your travel with the following information.

  • Breed of your pet
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Age
  • Color
  • Weight of pet
  • Weight of the container
  • Length*width*height of the container

Required documents

  • Export/import or transshipment permits from your departure/destination or transit country’s relevant authorities.
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Any additional document required by your destination country’s relevant authorities.

For additional information, please read a self-check list for traveling with pets as checked baggage.

If you’re traveling inside the US then contact your local Singapore Airlines Agency at least two weeks before your flight is recommended and if You’re traveling outside of the US, then contacting the agency at least three weeks before your flight is recommended.

Destination Restrictions

Singapore Airlines is unable to transport your pet as checked baggage in or out of the below-mentioned places.

Into/out ofAustraliaBruneiDenpasar, BaliNew ZealandSouth Africa
IntoDubaiHong Kong SARSri LankaThe United Kingdom

Aircraft restrictions

The Maximum height of the container varies depending on the aircraft.

Maximum height70cm60cm101cm111cm

Dog breeds that are currently not allowed

Singapore Airlines are not accepting the below-mentioned dog breeds in their cargo hold currently.

English, French, and American BulldogsMastiffs including Neapolitan and Dogue de BordeauxDogo Argentino
Fila BrasileiroPerro de Presa CanarioBoxer
Japanese ChinPit BullBrussels Griffon
Lhasa ApsoAkitaShih Tzu
Chow ChowBoerboelEnglish Toy, King Charles and Tibetan Spaniels
Boston and Pit Bull TerriersTosaPugs including Carlino, Mopshond, Mops Hund, and Pekingese


Checking in at least two hours before your flight departure is highly recommended. In case your destination is somewhere outside of the US, you should check-in at least three hours before your flight departure to complete the security screening.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Singapore airlines are no longer accpet emotional support animal (ESA)

Service Animal

For service animals, you will need to have proper documents indicating that they are properly trained to service animals. There will not be any charge in case of a service animal and they will be regarded as unchecked baggage. A service animal cannot have a seat for him/herself. They need to be placed in a space where they do not block any emergency exit.

How to take my pet on a flight?

All the steps Singapore Airlines pet policy, which you have to follow in order to take your pet with you on a flight are given below shortly.

  • Contact your local Singapore Airlines Agency at least two weeks before the date you want to fly with the required information and documents (See reservation process section).
  • Decide whether you want to take your pet as checked baggage or in cargo.
  • Make sure you have the right container size and your pet is comfortable inside of it.
  • Check in at least two or three hours before your flight departure.
  • Complete the security screening.
  • Travel with your pet.


  • Double check if you have all the documents that are required and their validity.
  • Singapore Airlines do not accept pets from other airlines in all their flights. So, if your journey has two parts then make sure in both the parts you use Singapore Airlines.
  • If your flight is a long one, then check if your pet is doing well.


Does Singapore Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, you can take your pet with you on Singapore Airlines as checked baggage if they are not from any breed which are banned by Singapore Airlines.

Can I take a dog on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can. If your dog is at least three months of age and does not belong to any breed that is banned by Singapore Airlines.

How much does it cost to bring a pet on a plane?

The total charge will depend on the total weight of the pet and its container. In case of transit, additional fees may also apply.

Is Singapore a dog-friendly country?

Yes! Singapore is a dog-friendly city. There are many open places available to take your dog out on a walk and have some good time.

Singapore Airlines (SQ) Contact details

CityReservationAirport Office
Houston+1 (833) 727-0118+1 (281) 982 7168
Los Angeles+1 (833) 727-0118+1 (310) 647-6145
New York+1 (833) 727-0118+1 (718) 751-3830
San Francisco+1 (833) 727-0118+1 (650) 826-6224
Seattle+1 (833) 727-0118+1 (650) 826-6224

Note: Airport offices are for operations and administrative work only. To reserve tickets or for other inquiries contact via telephone numbers.

SQ Short Details

Airlines NameSingapore Airlines
WebsiteSingapore Airlines
Social Media PageFacebook

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