Volaris Airlines allows trained service animals inside their cabins. Even if your service animal is a brachycephalic pet, you can take it onboard with you by signing a waiver of liability. There are no fees for service animals but you will have to present some documents that prove the pet is actually a service animal and it will not pose any danger for other travelers.

General Instructions Regarding Service Dogs

  • People with certain disabilities are allowed to travel with service dogs.
  • Service dogs can travel for free on Volaris Airlines.
  • Your assistance dog must be secured with a leash, collar, and tether.
  • Any seat, excluding the exit door, is available to passengers flying with service animals.

Required Documents

Document requirements may change depending on the target nation. So, make sure to consult with Volaris while making your reservation.

  • Rabies immunization certificate.
  • Medical Certificate.
    • It needs to be issued no more than 5 days prior to the flight date and be printed on letterhead with the veterinarian’s registration information.
  • Volaris pet travel form (You’ll get it while checking in).
  • DOT forms (for flights to and from the United States).
  • If you’re traveling with a brachycephalic pet, then you will have to sign a waiver of liability form.

Booking and Check In

In order for them to give you the greatest possible place when it comes to onboard your plane, do let them know if you are flying with a support dog both when you reserve your ticket and when you reach the terminal.


Can you take your service dog on Volaris?

Service dogs are allowed on Volaris free of charge.

Can I fly to Mexico with my service dog?

Yes, Mexican Airlines Volaris accepts service dogs onboard for free.

Does Volaris accept emotional support animals?

Volaris accepts emotional support animals only on certain routes.

How much does Volaris charge for service dogs?

Volaris does not charge anything for allowing travelers with service animals. Your service animals travel free on Volaris.

Contact Details

Call+1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

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