Air Canada has made some changes to their policy for service animals after the changes made by the Department of Transportation of the United States. They accept two service animals for flights to and from the United States and the number is limited to only one when it comes to other international flights. They also stopped accepting emotional support animals after this change. But service animals are still allowed to travel for free with them.

General Instructions Regarding Service Animals

  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • The service must be trained by a professional service dog training organization.
  • Service dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin without any charge.
  • Only one service dog is allowed per traveler on flights other than the United States.
  • Throughout the entire journey, the dog should be under your full authority. As a result, when the dog is outside of its crate, it must be tethered, leashed, or tied.
  • The Air Canada Veterinary Support Service will determine whether the dog can sit at the feet properly by asking about the dog’s traits.
  • If the dog can not sit at your foot space comfortably, you’ll be provided extra space without any charge on flights inside Canada. In case of international flights, you have to purchase additional space.

Destination Restrictions

  • On flights to and from the United States, two service dogs are allowed for free per traveler.
  • The two service dogs must be accommodated at the foot space of the traveler. 

Required Documents

Documents may vary from country to country. So, make sure to consult with Air Canada while making your reservation.

For flights to and from the United States :

You Have complete the DOT forms on time (2 days of the date of departure) and send them to Air Canada.

For other international flights :

  • You have to complete this form and send them to Air Canada.
  • You may also need to provide the training certificate.

Emotional Support Animals

Air Canada does not anymore accept emotional support dogs in their cabins.


Can you fly with a service dog in Canada?

Yes, you can fly with your service dog by using Air Canada, which is the national airline of Canada. Service dogs are accepted by Air Canada without any additional charges.

Can airlines ask for proof of service dog Canada?

Yes, Canadian flag carrier Air Canada needs travelers with service animals to provide a training certificate before allowing the service dog to travel for free with them.

Does Air Canada still allow emotional support animals?

Air Canada does not accept emotional support animals on their flight anymore. They made this change according to the new policies set by the United States Department of Transportation.

Is it illegal to pretend your dog is a service dog in Canada?

Yes, Service dogs in Air Canada are no longer accepted without any training certificate. You’ll be denied boarding if you can not provide the evidence.

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