Aeromexico is among the few air carriers that still allows both service dogs and emotional support animals to travel for free with them. But they need to be assured of the pet’s training to do a certain task that assists an individual with a disability. They may require to see training certificates in appropriate cases. Moreover, service dogs above a certain size can not travel with Aeromexico for limited space.

General Instructions

  • Only dogs are accepted as guide animals.
  • Dogs acting as service animals should be properly trained.
  • Certified service animals can travel for free by Aeromexico.
  • An identification badge and a leash are requirements for service dogs.
  • The dimensions of such dogs affect whether they will be accepted or not.
  • The minimum age of the dog should be eight weeks.
  • Guide dogs must act accordingly in public and obey their owners’ instructions.
  • In the rare event that the dog is unruly, they reserve the right to request details regarding the assistance animal’s schooling.
  • The total amount of flying hours is unrestricted.
  • Only the traveler can use the items provided by Aeromexico while onboard.
  • You can not take any regular pet with you when you are traveling with a service animal.
  • Only passengers are provided food aboard.

Seating Arrangements

  • Throughout the flight, the dog should remain on the floor in front of the owner’s chair.
  • Washing onboard the airplane as a result of the dog inside the cabin may be required, taking the passenger’s bodily or intellectual capabilities into account.
  • Travelers with service animals can sit wherever they want except the emergency exit row.
  • The service dog is never allowed to sit on the chairs, whether or not they are empty.
  • Alternative seats could be allocated if a neighboring traveler has an allergy to the pet. If no other places are free, the client who is flying with a pet will have their schedules changed without incurring any further fees or restrictions. This modification will not result in any further remuneration.


Maximum dimensions of the service dog trying to fly by Aeromexico can be :

22 inches12 inches26 lbs / 12 kg

Documents Required

  • Rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Microchip.
  • Training certificate.
  • Medical certificate.

Document requirements vary from country to country. So, make sure to have a talk with them while you are looking for your service dog.


They are to be handed into the check-in desk at least two hours before departure.


Are service dogs recognized in Mexico?

Yes, Mexico’s flag carrier Aeromexico recognizes service dogs and allows them to fly with them for free.

Does Aeromexico accept service dogs?

Aeromexico recognizes and accepts service dogs for free onboard. But the dog needs to be properly trained and certified.

How much does Aeromexico charge for service dogs?

Aeromexico charges 0$ for allowing service dogs onboard. Which means service dogs can travel for free by Aeromexico.

Does Aeromexico recognize emotional support animals?

Yes, Aeromexico recognizes and allows Emotional Support Animals to travel for free with them.

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