Emirates Airlines has got a bunch of services for passengers traveling with pets. Although they only offer falcons to be inside of the cabin on certain flights, other pets can be shipped via the cargo holds compartment accompanied by the passenger in the same flight. Emirates pet policy is pretty minimal for animals as checked baggage.

Emirates also offers their Emirate Pets Plus service for unaccompanied animals. This service assigns specific agents for pets to complete their onboarding and offboarding as well as documentation processes. So that passengers do not need to stress over these things. They also offer a list of special services for pets onboarding from and transiting by the Dubai Airport.

Now, let’s look at the regulations and services by Emirates Airlines.

Travel options

Emirates does not allow pets to be inside of their cabins. They must either be shipped in the cargo hold as checked baggage or via their cargo service.

  1. Carry On Pets (Not Allowed)
  2. As Checked Baggage
  3. Cargo Service

Exceptions :

  • Service animals can travel inside the cabin on some routes (see the Service dogs section)
  • Falcons are allowed inside of the cabin on some flights to Dubai and some destinations of Pakistan.

All the other pets must be carried in accordance with the following rules (see the Routes restrictions section), which are particular to your trip.

Age restrictions

  • Pets must be at least 4 months or older in order to fly by Emirates.
  • If you’re coming from a ‘High Risk’ country, this could be extended to 27 weeks.

Container requirements

  • Two mature animals of equivalent size, weighing up to 14 kilograms each, can be placed in the same container only if they are accustomed to sharing space.
  • Animals weighing more than 14 kilograms must be transported in different containers.
  • A 24/7 emergency contact phone number and the ideal temperature requirement for animals traveling with Emirates must always be displayed on the animal’s travel container.
  • See the Changes section to learn about container dimensions.

Route restrictions

  • Pets must be transferred as cargo on any flights arriving in Dubai, as per UAE government laws.
  • Falcons, pet birds, cats and dogs can be shipped as checked baggage in the hold on routes that begin in Dubai and transport to places that allow animals to enter as “excess baggage” (i.e., not as characterized cargo), as long as the overall traveling time (along with any transit time) is less than 17 hours and all suitable requirements are fulfilled.
  • On Emirates flights, there are no limits to the number of pets you can bring on board. Please be advised, however, that certain governments limit the amount of pets that can be brought into and out of the country. Animal imports into India, for example, are limited to two pets per person. Before traveling, Emirates recommends that you examine the rules of your destination.
  • The following fighting and hazardous dog breeds, as well as their crosses, are prohibited from entering Dubai under UAE government regulations. If these breeds are just not being brought into the UAE and the destination country allows it, they may be permitted for carriage.
  • These prohibited breeds can be transported by Emirates SkyCargo as long as they’re not destined for the UAE and are permitted by both initial and final authorities with the appropriate permissions. Emirates may demand for improved and stronger containers due to the aggressiveness of these dogs.
Mastiff DogsTosa Japanese/hybridRottweiler breeds/ hybrid
Doberman PinschersCanario presaKarabash
Caucasian OvcharkaAny blended breed from the aforementioned dog breeds, as well as crossovers


The cost for both the animal(s) and containers will be determined by the combined mass and volume of the pet and kennel for all routes. These fees will be applicable in all scenarios, even if there is no additional checked baggage. You will have to pay in advance after your information gets verified.

Weight of the pet and containerSize of the containerCost
Less than 23 kg59 inches or 150 cmUSD 500
Between 24 kg to 32 kgbetween 59 inches or 150 cm and 118 inches or 300 cmUSD 650
More than 32 kgbetween 59 inches or 150 cm and 118 inches or 300 cmUSD 800


All animals permitted for shipment by Emirates should have a valid destination country import license as well as a sufficient medical certificate including any applicable vaccination records.

  • The passenger also needs to fill and submit this Customer Acknowledgement Form.
  • Acceptance and authorization form
  • Medical and/or veterinary health credentials
  • Statements of fitness to fly
  • Microchip


By precisely complying to the International Air Transport Association’s Live Animal Regulations (IATA LAR), Emirates Pets delivers a service specifically aimed at giving your pets with the finest levels of attention and care, whenever and however they fly.

Emirates SkyCargo includes temperature-controlled facilities for animals, pets leaving and landing in Dubai, and pets in transportation, according to the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).

When your pet needs to be shipped by Emirates Cargo :

  • When the cage’s size exceeds 118 inches / 300 centimeters.
  • For flights into Dubai.
  • When traveling to a location that does not accept live animals as checked baggage and the total traveling time surpasses 17 hours.

If the total travel time is greater than 17 hours, living animals (including guide dogs) that can be allowed as luggage must be shipped as cargo for their protection.

The whole voyage duration comprises about 1 hour for terminal check-in prior to departure and 1 hour for discharge of the animal at the end destination’s immigration hall.

Pets in Dubai

If the flight interconnection time is greater than 6 hours, animals traveling through Dubai must be shipped as cargo.

Pets will be housed in an air-conditioned chamber while linking in Dubai, and customers, ground handlers, and agencies will not have accessibility to them. Animals that need to be served, offered a drink, or given medications while being shipped should be scheduled as cargo with a minimum flight connection time of 6 hours.

Emirates transit care providers will help them in ensuring that your family members (Pets)  are well cared for while in Dubai. If these guidelines are supplied at the time of booking and prior to departure, your dogs will be cleansed, nourished, and hydrated, as well as given any special food or medicine. In each and every pet shipment, the whole period of transit care too is documented.

Cargo services:

Pets are always transported in the aircraft’s temperature-controlled cargo compartment, and special care is put in place to ensure that your animals will be the last to be boarded and the first to be removed upon arrival, ensuring that they are protected from the environment.

Emirates Pet Plus :

For pets starting their trip in Dubai, Emirates can also provide the Emirates Pet Plus service, which connects people making reservations with their additional service provider to help with pick-up/collection of pets from their origin city and drop-off or delivery of their pets at their final destination. The supplier will also help passengers with all of the necessary paperwork and approvals for their pet’s travel. This is a supplementary service.

At OriginEmirate PetsEmirates Pets Plus
Airfreight that is all-inclusive
Pick up from home 
Shipping licenses and veterinary clearances are among the local transport paperwork 
Assistance from veterinarians in Dubai’s Area of care for animals
Onboard (if required) 
Container (if required) 
Cleaning service (if required) 
Container cleaning (if required) 
At DestinationEmirates PetsEmirates Pets Plus
Clearance of customs,  registration to local authority 
Onboarding (if required) 
Home delivery after arrival 

Breeds restrictions

Emirates has several restrictions on the kind of animals that can be carried. CITES requires that all animals on the list, including pets, be carried as cargo. Certain kinds of cats and dogs are subject to further limitations, including import restrictions; make sure to contact Emirates office for further details on restricted species.

The following cat and dog species, as well as any hybrids between them, are not permitted on Emirates SkyCargo.

Dogs :

AffenpinscherBoxerBrussels Griffon
Dogue de BordeauxAmerican Cocker SpanielDogo Argentino
Boston TerrierCavalier King Charles SpanielJapanese Chin
Bull mastiffChihuahua (apple headed)King Charles Spaniel and Tibetan Spaniel
Bulldog (all types)Chow ChowLhasa Apso
LowchenNeapolitan MastiffNewfoundland
PekingesePit Bull TerrierPug (all types)
Staffordshire Bull TerrierShar PeiShih Tzu

Cats :

British ShorthairExotic Shorthair
BurmeseExotic Fold (Foldex)
Scottish FoldSelkirk Rex

If a pregnant animal is more than one-third (1/3) of the way through its usual pregnancy period or it has delivered a baby within 48 hours of travel, Emirates will refuse to carry it.

Greyhounds utilized for competition or other commercial activities will not be transported by Emirates SkyCargo. Emirates will only ship tamed and relocated greyhounds, including those that have been rescued.

Temperature restrictions

From 1 May to 30 September, no birds (save some falcons) can be allowed for travel via Dubai as checked luggage or freight due to the excessive humidity and heat in the UAE.


To acquire particular information regarding traveling with your pet (four months and older) with Emirates, fill this form at least a week before your scheduled trip.

On trips that include other companies, Emirates is indeed not responsible for transporting pets. Alternative baggage regulations may apply for flights operated by other companies if your trip includes them.

If you want a comfortable ticket price for your Emirates Flights

Service dogs

You can fly with your guide dog or service dog for free. They will either travel with you in the cabin or as cargo in a designated section of the aircraft hold, depending on the route.

  • Your dog has to be capable of traveling peacefully without obstructing corridors or evacuation routes in order to fly.
  • Emirates will not provide you with an evacuation row seat due to safety concerns.
  • Please notify Emirate at least 48 hours before your journey if you intend to travel with your service dog.
  • Before you go, be certain your guide dog and service dog has more than enough essential health exams and permissions.

Route restrictions for service dogs :

On direct flights from the European Union (EU) to Dubai, as well as between Dubai and the United States and Canada, service animals and guide dogs are permitted to travel in the cabin. They can also fly in the cabin on routes between the EU and the United States, and also between New zealand And Australia.

Service dogs must always be transported as cargo on all the other routes into Dubai, according to UAE laws. It’s also completely free. At Emirates Skycargo, their world-class animal care staff will ensure that your service dog and guide dog is secure and comfortable.

Documentation for service dogs :

Please send the documents to the Special Assistance team for approval after you have downloaded and completed them. Emirates will contact you to check if this is legitimate before your trip.

How to add a pet to my flight?

  1. Immediately after your ticket is confirmed, register your pet.
  2. Always double-check the destination’s rules and plan accordingly.
  3. Check that you have all of the necessary immunization papers and that they are valid.
  4. Purchase a suitable container.
  5. Make sure you label everything accurately.
  6. If you’re connecting, make sure you follow the rules outlined above.
  7. Take pleasure in your voyage with your pet.


  • Keep your pet hydrated before checking in or make sure to attach appropriate guidelines on how to feed and hydrate your pet on the body of the container.
  • Do not give your pet any sedatives.
  • Grab the container several days before your journey to ensure that your pet is comfortable in it.


Are pets allowed in Emirates?

Emirates only offers falcons to be inside of the cabin on certain flights, other pets can be shipped via the cargo holds compartment accompanied by the passenger in the same flight.

Does Emirates allow dogs?

Emirates Airlines does not allow normal dogs inside of their cabins. Only service dogs can be inside of the cabin on some specific routes. For other routes, dogs need to be in the cargo holds compartment.

How much does it cost to fly with a dog on the Emirates?

Charges vary depending on the size and weight of the container and pet combined. Emirates charges USD 500 to USD 800 for containers and pets that weigh up to 32 kg and up to 118 inches in dimensions

Does Emirate allow service dogs?

You can fly with your guide dog or service dog for free on Emirates. They will either travel with you in the cabin or as cargo in a designated section of the aircraft hold, depending on the route.

Contact details

LocationContact NumberAddress
Boston+180077739991 Harborside Dr. Boston Logan Airport , Terminal C 2128
Chicago+180077739995600 Mannheim RD O’Hare International Airport 60666
Houston+180077739993700 North Terminal Road George Bush Intercontinental Airport , Terminal D TX.77032
Los Angeles+18007773999380 World Way Tom Bradley International Terminal CA90045
New York+18007773999Terminal 4 John F. Kennedy International Airport , Queens NY11430
Orlando+180077739999303 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. Orlando International Airport , Terminal A
San Francisco+18007773999San Francisco International Airport International Terminal CA94125
Seattle+1800777399917801 International Blvd, Seattle Seattle Tacoma International Airport WA98158  

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