French Bee Airline accepts pets both inside the passenger compartment as well as checked baggage. They have cargo options for slightly bigger pets. French Bee airlines pet policy are very straightforward and do not contain any unnecessary regulations. They charge a flat rate of 50 EURO and 70 EURO for pets inside the cabin and pets as checked baggage respectively. Service animals are accepted for travel inside of the cabins free of charge.

French Bee Airlines Pet Policy Overview

We are summing up the travel options that French Bee provides for travelers with pets for your convenience.

Pets in the cabinDogs and cats under 8 kg
Pets as checked baggageDogs and cats under 14 kg
CargoDogs over 14 kg
Service AnimalsFree
Emotional Support AnimalsNot allowed
Pets age2 months
Charges50€ – 70€

Pets In The Cabin

Only cats and dogs are accepted inside the cabins.

  • Pets can weigh upto 8 kilograms or 17 pounds including their container to be inside of the cabin.
  • Animals younger than 8 weeks old cannot be transported.
  • It isn’t permitted to carry two pets within the single carrying container inside the compartment. There is a restriction of maximum one animal per passenger. A pet should be put inside the holds if there are two.
  • You cannot reserve a Maxi Foot chair if you’re taking your animal with you inside the compartment. This is due to the requirement that your pet’s cage can fit underneath the chair directly in ahead of you when you’re flying with them.

Container Guidelines For Pets In The Cabin

  • The pet shall travel just at the traveler’s legs and should be restrained in the kennel the entire time.
  • The pet must be comfortable within the carrier for the period of the trip, and the crate ought to be watertight and constructed of pliable fabric.
  • The kennel ought to be sufficient to fit underneath a seat.
  • Animal transportation bags constructed of a flexible fabric should be used for dogs and cats flying inside the compartment.
  • The container should be of this dimensions :
43 cm35 cm20 cm

Pets As Checked Baggage

The pet’s acceptability for air travel will depend on its dimensions and mass when transported in the holds. Pets are permitted on board the airplane with the constraint that the traveler is fully responsible for the pet.

  • Cats and dogs are accepted as checked baggage.
  • Pets under the age of 2 months can not be transported.
  • Foul smelling pets and female pets in ovulation are not allowed to be transported by air.
  • The checked bags allotment does not apply to the transportation of pets.

Container Guidelines For Pets As Checked Baggage

  • The container should have the traveler’s identity and location written on it.
  • This is absolutely forbidden to carry a pet in a timber kennel made of plywood or chipboard.
  • The enclosure needs to be the right size so that the pet can move freely within it, including turning around and standing up including its neck lifted without contacting the container’s roof with its neck or ears.
  • For enclosures to be impenetrable to the pets, pinion and rack clips must be used to lock them.
  • If two adult pets meet the requirements for the enclosure as described previously and have a comparable size, each weighs less than 14 kilograms (30 pounds), and they’re accustomed to each other’s acquaintance, they may be carried within the same kennel.
  • A second container is required for pets measuring more than 14 kilograms (30 pounds).


Large canines that cannot be carried in a kennel made in accordance with the design and specifications outlined by the LAR, shall be shipped through cargo.

On transcontinental trips, pets are only allowed to weigh a total of 75 kilograms (165 pounds), which includes the load of the pet and its container. Where this capacity restriction is surpassed, cargo must be used for transportation.


Pets in the cabin50€
Pets as checked baggage70€

Required Documents

For your convenience we’re separating the documents for pets in the cabin and pets as checked baggage.

Pets In The Cabin

Pets As Checked Baggage

To or From Reunion Island :

To or From the United States :

Breed Restrictions

  • They have extra rules and regulations for Category 1 and Category 2 dogs. If your pet belongs to one of these categories, you have to inform them about it ahead of the flight and discuss the rules and requirements to be obeyed and fulfilled.
  • These brachycephalic breeds are not accepted for air travel :
Persian catsBoxers
Shih TzuPekinese

Service Animals

All assistance animals accepted at French Bee must be certified. A dog that has been coached to carry out a task or help another individual with a handicap, particularly those with psychiatric impairments, execute a task is referred to as a professional support animal.

  • There is a two-animal restriction for trained assistance dogs per traveler.
  • All health regulations of the nations of travel, landing, and/or passage must be met by dogs.
  • It should have a dog badge or collar to identify it. You should be ready to show evidence of the dog’s licensing and employment, as well as convincing oral evidence.
  • Service animals do not require muzzles.
  • Guide dogs must be continuously bonded.
  • Guide dogs should always exhibit good behavior.
  • If you’re bringing an assistance dog accompanying you, it should be placed on the ground directly in ahead of the reserved seat and cannot obstruct the corridor or the foot space of anyone sitting next to you.
  • It is not permitted to remain at a chair near to an evacuation row. A maxi foot chair may be reserved as long as it’s not near an exit door.
  • A microchip is required to uniquely identify each pet.
  • A pet passport will be required.
  • These two forms will be required :

Emotional Support Animals

French Bee Airlines do not accept emotional support animals.


If you are planning to travel with a pet by French Bee, you have to inform them about the pet at least 2 days before the day of departure.


  • The pet should not be sedated because doing so lowers blood circulation, which normally happens at high altitudes. For mature dogs or pets in discomfort, the impact of tranquilizers combined with high elevation can be lethal.
  • When you arrange your trip, you must specifically state that you are bringing an animal alongside you in order to learn whether that pet is permitted to fly inside the cabins or the cargo.
  • Ensure you have all of the necessary travel documentation required to enter the region of origin, passage, or landing before you leave.
  • Remember that it is your obligation to confirm the authenticity of the papers, pay any applicable costs in accordance with the applicable statutes and rules, and, if necessary, make sure that papers are updated on time.


Does French Bee allow pets in the cabin?

French Bee accepts pets that are under 8 kg or 17 lbs inside of their cabins. Only cats and dogs are accepted for now. Pets over the weight of 8 kg have to travel as checked baggage or as cargo.

Does French Bee allow pets as checked baggage?

French Bee accepts pet that are under 14 kg or 30 lbs as checked baggage. Brachycephalic pets are not accepted in the hold and pets weighing over 14 kg must travel by cargo.

How much does French Bee charge for pets?

French Bee charges 50 EURO for accepting pets inside of the cabins and 70 EURO for pets as checked baggage. This is a flat rate.

Does French Bee allow service animals?

French Bee allows service animals inside of their cabins without any charge. Only dogs are accepted as service animals and one person can take two service dogs with him/her.

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