Typically, airlines avoid transporting dogs during exceptionally cold or hot temperatures. To save your dogs from severe weather, there are heat limitations in effect. So, Airline restrictions must be taken into account when organizing the migration of your pet.

Temperature Restrictions For Pets In Summer

Put simply, whenever the outdoor temperature exceeds or falls below approved safety norms, carriers can not transport your companion. Depending on each carrier’s policy, these thresholds change. Whenever the outdoor temperature is somewhere at the point of take-off and the point of arrival is above 29 °C, summertime embargoes typically occur.

Temperature Restrictions For Pets In Winter

At whichever place on the schedule where the average heat is under 45°F, animals will not be welcomed until owners show a veterinarian’s certificate of cold temperature acclimatization. Even though not all carriers accept this acclimatization, it is wise to ask for an Acclimatization certificate from the veterinarian. If the doctor provides his or her approval, furry pets used to low weather will be eligible for accreditation. Despite a certification of cold temperature acclimatization, animals might not be welcomed when conditions drop under 20°F.

Airlines Temperature Restrictions

Different airlines have different temperature restrictions for pets onboard. Let’s see a few of them.

1.   American Airlines

American Airlines enforces a restriction whenever the expected or actual heat level at any point on the trip is over 85°F to assure that the pet isn’t subjected to intense temperatures. Nevertheless, if the pet is small enough to fit inside an authorized container that can be stowed beneath your chair, he may fly inside the compartment alongside you.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 85°F or 29.4°CBelow 45°F or 7.2°CAccepts

2.  Air Canada

Whenever temperature exceeds a particular point, it might not be feasible to transport your dog as not every Air Canada plane is designed with thermal and vented luggage cabins.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 85°F or 29.5°CBelow 32°F or 0°CDoes not accept

3.  Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has no restrictions planned for the summertime, but they might if somehow the weather rises too much for animals to fly comfortably. Nevertheless, if the animal may be accommodated in an authorized container that can be stowed under the chair, you are allowed to take him/her alongside you inside the compartment.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 85°F or 29.4°CBelow 45°F or 7.2°CAccepts

4.  Delta Airlines

Like all other airlines Delta also has some relevant temperature restrictions to offer your pet a safe and comfortable journey.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 80°F or 27°CBelow 20°F or -7°CAccepts

5.  Qatar Airways

Breeds that are highly susceptible to heat sickness when subjected to temperatures exceeding 21°C aren’t really accepted by Qatar Airways.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 69.8°F or 21°CDoes not accept

6.  Qantas

Any bookings for pets on Qantas would be rescheduled or canceled without fee if temperatures are predicted to soar above 35°C. The animal will be rescheduled on another flight at no added charge for freight transport if you contact them using the AWB ID.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 95°F or 35°CDoes not accept

7.  Emirates

Emirates does not accept some specific animals as freight for a certain duration of the year due to excessive heat conditions in those regions.

Birds1 May to 30 SeptemberUnited Arab Emirates

8.  Asiana Airlines

Asiana does not accept any pets for transportation during the winter days. This restriction applies for every pet and every location.

No animals are allowedAll through winter

9.  Aeromexico

Aeromexico does not accept any pets when conditions of the origin or destination deteriorate from a certain barrier.

SummerWinterAcclimatization Certificate
Above 86°F or 30°CBelow 44.6°F or 7°CDoes not accept

10. United Airlines

United Airlines rejects animals from some specific locations throughout a specific time of the year because of the excessive heat in those regions.

Las Vegas (LAS) Palm Springs (PSP) Phoenix (PHX) Tucson (TUS)Between May 1 and September 30

Temperature Embargo Solution

Below are some solutions to consider if you must fly with your pet under certain temperature conditions.

  • Change your itinerary to another season – When you have the opportunity, pick a time of year that is neither overly warm or cold.
  • Include a carrier that welcomes pets – An airline that accepts pets is the best option for pet transportation because they have established procedures to guarantee the security of the pet. Professionals will take special care to minimize the duration your animal is outside by making sure they arrives and depart on schedule.
  • Plan the ideal trips – Traveling around the gentlest hours of the week might be the second best choice if you are unable to modify your location or the dates of the trip.
  • Purchase the ideal container and educate your companion to use it – It’s crucial to always transport your companion in the proper-sized pet container, but in cases of harsh climate, particularly in the summer, this is especially true.
  • Get expert assistance – If your flight arrangements alter or need to be canceled or rescheduled at the last moment, a certified pet travel company can assist.


Is pet cargo temperature controlled?

While most airlines offer temperature-controlled cargo compartments, some of them still operate planes that are old and do not offer temperature adjustments.

Can you fly with pets in winter?

Pet parents can fly with their pets in the winter too. But they have to find an airline that accepts pets in winter or an acclimatization certificate. Generally, most of them do not accept pets when the temperature is below 7°C.

At what temperature does Delta refuse animals?

Delta refuses to accept pets onboard when the temperatures of the summertime are averaging above 80°F or 27°C and the barrier is below 20°F or -7°C for the winter.

Do dogs freeze on planes?

Whether or not your dog freezes on planes depends on the carrier you are selecting for the trip. If the compartment is temperature-controlled, then it is not likely that the dog will freeze during cold weather.

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