Traveling with dogs may be perplexing and worrisome, — particularly if this is your first time arranging flights for your four-legged companion. However, pondering upon “which airlines allow pets in cabins” isn’t a struggle.

Some airline companies now accept pets to ride in-cabin with their guardians, thus traveling with pets in-cabin isn’t unusual nowadays.

There are hundreds of flights throughout the globe dedicated to making your trip stress-free and delightful — all you have to do is discover whom to contact.

Whether you’re moving or taking a vacation, you shouldn’t have to abandon your pet pooch alone! You also won’t be complaining about your dog being alone in the aircraft’s cargo compartment.

Please keep in mind that several airline companies charge a premium for carry-on pets, something you are expected to pay at immigration when you are checking in.

North American airlines

Pets are allowed to fly with you in the cabin on American Airlines, but only under specified conditions.

To begin with, the creatures must be domestic animals- a cat or a dog. Other animal species are not permitted. 

Furthermore, the animal’s size is important. The animal and the container must not carry more than twenty pounds collectively. Unless they are service animals, pets weighing greater than this are not permitted to travel in the cabin.

The airlines which accept pets in this part of the globe are- 

  1. American Airlines Pet Policy
  2. United Airlines Pet Policy
  3. Delta Airlines Pet Policy
  4. Southwest Airlines Pet Policy
  5. JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy
  6. Allegiant Air Pet Policy
  7. Frontier Airlines Pet Policy
  8. Alaska Airlines Pet Policy
  9. Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy
  10. Spirit Airlines Pet Policy
  11. Avelo Airlines Pet Policy
  12. Breeze Airways Pet Policy
  13. Air Canada pets travel policy
  14. Sun Country Airlines Pet Policy
  15. Complete guide to pet airways
  16. Flair Airlines Pet Policy
  17. Porter Airlines Pet Policy
  18. WestJet pet policy
  19. Virgin America Airlines’ pet policy
  20. Mesa Airlines pet policy
  21. Skywest Airlines pet policy
  22. Eastern Airways pet policy
  23. Silver Airways’ pet policy
  24. Envoy Air pet policy
  25. Cape Air pet policy
  26. Elite Airways Pet Policy
  27. Gojet Airlines pet policy

Latin-American airlines

Your pet, which must be a dog or cat, must meet the following requirements to travel onboard:

  • Be obedient 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • It has to be under 8 weeks or around 4 months in the US. 

The airlines that fly with pets in the cabin are as follows-

  1. Caribbean Airlines Pet Policy
  2. Avianca airlines Pet Policy
  3. Copa airlines Pet Policy
  4. LATAM airlines pet policy
  5. Aeromexico Pet travel policy
  6. Volaris Pet Policy
  7. Gol Airlines Pet Policy
  8. Azul Linhas Aereas Pet Policy
  9. Aerolineas Argentinas Pet Policy
  10. Tame Pet Policy
  11. Viva Colombia pet policy

European airlines

Traveling throughout Europe is both swift and inexpensive due to budget flights. Traveling with a pet, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily as affordable. The airlines that fly to and from this continent that allow pets in cabins are:

  1. Finnair Pet Policy – Finland
  2. Lufthansa Pet Policy – Germany
  3. Turkish Airlines Pet Policy
  4. Air France Pet Policy – France
  5. Iberia airlines pet policy – Spain
  6. Aegean Airways Pet Policy – Greece
  7. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Pet Policy – Netherlands 
  8. Norwegian Airlines Pet Policy – Norway
  9. Play Airlines Pet Policy
  10. Vueling Airlines pet policy
  11. Virgin Atlantic pet travel policy
  12. British Airways pet policy
  13. Tap Portugal Pet Policy
  14. SAS Pet Policy
  15. Swiss Air Pet Policy
  16. Ryanair Pet Policy
  17. Alitalia airlines pet policy
  18. Lot polish airlines pet policy
  19. Air Europa Pet Policy
  20. Austrian Airlines Pet Policy
  21. French Bee Airlines pet policy
  22. Brussels Airlines pet policy
  23. Easyjet pet policy
  24. El Al Airlines pet policy

Asian airlines 

Asian Airlines follow federal regulations and guidelines to ensure, even if they are difficult to comprehend. These regulations are also susceptible to change, keeping the welfare and comfort of your pet is always the top priority. The airlines which welcome pets aboard are-

  1. Air Arabia Pet Policy
  2. Air India Pet Policy
  3. Asiana Airlines Pet Policy
  4. Hainan Airlines Pet Policy
  5. Jet Airways Pet Policy
  6. Korean Air Pet Policy
  7. Juneyao Airlines Pet Policy
  8. Philippine Airlines Pet Policy
  9. Singapore Airlines Pet policy
  10. Qatar Airways Pet Policy
  11. All Nippon Airways Pet Policy
  12. EVA Air Pet Policy
  13. Japan Airlines Pet Policy
  14. Cathay Pacific Pet Policy
  15. Thai Airways pet policy
  16. Saudia Airlines pet policy
  17. Emirates pet policy

African airlines

In Africa, permitting dogs to ride in the cabin with their guardians is unusual. Several large local airline companies, notably Fly Safair, kulula airlines, and South African Airways (SAA), prohibit dogs from traveling with their guardians. Mango Pet Travel accepts service animals in their cabins, provided they are securely harnessed and come with proper health documents.

Oceania Airlines

There are three primary alternatives for traveling with your dog locally in Australia:

  1. Qantas’s pet travel policy
  2. Virgin Australia, 
  3. Regional Express (REX). 


You have no reason to leave your four-legged companion at home while traveling thanks to most airlines’ pet travel programs. Review every airline’s animal travel policy beforehand reserving your travels to locate the one that best matches your needs.

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